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For six months, I managed my organization’s project with Colibri Digital Marketing. This project included a social media and Google Ads audit and strategy, asset design and development, ongoing data analysis, and six months of advertising and social media management. The services encompassed deepening our reach in four existing markets and launching our product in two new markets. Moreover, each digital product was delivered in both English and Spanish.

Since this project came during an organizational merger, Colibri’s professionalism and quality were closely scrutinized by multiple teams across many levels of oversight — from our product team to two communications teams and from within my own department. I’m delighted that Colibri Digital Marketing exceeded everyone’s expectations and helped make our digital marketing strategy a success throughout 2021.

If my experience is a typical example of Colibri Digital Marketing’s customer service, attention to detail, and overall client satisfaction then you too will be pleased to have them as part of your team.

Aisha van Ter Sluis

New Markets Director, One Degree

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Have a dream idea?

Schedule a triple bottom line digital marketing strategy session ¡vamos!

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