COLIBRI here! It is time to talk domain name. Got one? If not, you should know that getting the name of your choice for your business is becoming harder and harder. Why? Because, like men (ahem!), the good ones are already taken.

Okay, so if you want to look dumb, here go 3 solid tips:

1. Choose a llllooonnnggg domain name, for example:

That oughtta scare ‘em!

2. Likewise, choose a name that is hard to spell (actually, I kinda did that with and, so do as I say, kids, and not as I do):

How about

3. Or, you can always choose an obscure top-level domain (.com being the most common top-level domain), just to keep people on their toes, such as:

Maybe it would work better if this dog walker lived in Denmark. Or maybe there is a Berkeley in Denmark?

Alright, for those of you who don’t want to look dumb, here are 5 quick tips:

  1. Choose a short name
  2. Choose an easy-to-spell, easy-to-type, easy-to-remember domain name
  3. Choose .com if possible or, if you live abroad, choose the country-specific top-level domain (such as .fr if you live in France and will be catering to a Frenchie clientele)
  4. Be descriptive. If possible, let readers (and search engines) know what you are up to (e.g., Could this be a dog walking website ;-)?
  5. Be unique. It can be difficult to strike the balance between unique and incomprehensible but try. What about It’s not already taken, and it makes you sound, well, friendly.

Key Takeaways

Remember, your domain name, your site, and your brand should be the same if at all possible. In a complex and rapidly changing world, getting the perfect name is not always easy. So, don’t overthink it. Choose something you love that resonates with you, and always consider your future clients or main audience. Don’t make finding you hard for them. You have something valuable, so share it! With some patience and creativity, you will find a domain name that suits you and your business.

Now we want to hear your story: how did you choose your domain name?

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