Let’s bring out the champagne and celebrate! Hats off to you for getting your idea off the ground. It’s been tough devising a foolproof business plan, pooling in all the available resources, getting investors on board, and assembling the best talent. I hate to burst your bubble right now, but even if you have a killer idea, backed by the best team in the world, there’s no guarantee that your startup will remain successful. As a startup, you’re a newbie in an ocean of established businesses, and you’re going to need all the help you can get. So, sit down for a bit, and let’s talk digital marketing strategies while you finish up your celebratory glass. 

The Key to Success is Devising an Excellent Digital Marketing Strategy

The global corporate environment is very crowded, but you knew that when you decided to start your business. 

To propel yourself through the digital space, you need a strong marketing strategy. This not only contributes to the bottom line but can also strengthen your online presence. 

Focus on getting your brand known to the target audience. Even though the digital world is a large, active platform, it is restricted to individual mobile devices. In fact, according to RescueTime, people generally spend an average of three hours and fifteen minutes on their phones every day. Your marketing efforts must revolve around a person’s mobile phone; that is,  know who these customers are and how, when, and where they interact with your brand. So, regardless of your startup, whether the owner of a leather jacket online store or a custom jewelry designer, you need to elbow the competition and make space for yourself.

1. Begin By Targeting Micro-Moments

According to ngdata, 90% of consumers do not have a specific brand in mind when they set out to make a purchase. This statistic highlights the immense opportunity your brand has to connect with buyers in that critical moment. Since 51% of customers discover a new brand while merely browsing for information, this is your chance to influence their buying decisions by providing the right information at the right time

Make the most of these micro-moments: when a customer does a quick search to find a relevant answer to their problems. It’s an easy, cost-effective, and successful way to target your audience. 

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Here are a few tips for boosting conversions from micro-moments:

Enlist your business 

There has been an exponential increase in “near me” search queries. In fact, HubSpot quotes a whopping 500% growth in “near me” mobile searches with buying intent over the past two years. Currently, 82% of smartphone shoppers conduct “near me” searches.

Typically, people google directories and local listings to find the nearest result to their inquiry. Place your brand into listings such as Google My Business and Yelp to get the attention it deserves. Remember, customer reviews in these listings can further boost consumer interest and trust in a new name in the industry.


Knowing what keywords people use in a search is the best way to present your brand as an answer to their problems. As brand visibility increases in search results, more people become aware of the products and services you are offering.

For a more comprehensive guide to SEO, continue reading Top 10 SEO Tips.


In collaboration with your SEO efforts, you must provide valuable, relevant information. The content must resonate with your audience. It will help to build credibility and authority in the digital space.

More importantly, aim at guiding consumers through the buying journey, from awareness to consideration to conversion, your ultimate goal.

2. Use Various Digital Marketing Channels

You need a comprehensive marketing strategy to get ahead of the 5 million startups entering the race for success. Every business is unique, so digital marketing strategies will not have the same effect on every startup. 

Depending on your niche, objectives, budget, and target audience, select the one that generates the best results for your brand.

But remember, no matter your budget, you must allocate resources toward digital marketing strategies.

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Screenshot: Salesforce

Here are a few digital marketing channels to consider to boost the growth of your startup:

1. Email Marketing

A robust email strategy is an ideal way to optimize a marketing campaign for your startup. According to eMarketer, the median email marketing ROI is 122% proving that it is an effective way to inform your customers about the initial launch, other promotional offers, and subscriptions.,

keep your emails short and focus on consumer benefits to maximize effectiveness, and use attention-getting titles to enhance engagement. Above all, don’t flood subscribers with too many emails.

2. Viral Marketing 

Good content and shareability are the only ingredients you need for viral marketing success. Aim at creating exceptional content, whether it’s a blog, meme, or video. All you need to do is connect with your audience and create an online buzz, perfect for a startup hungry for attention.

3. Search Engine Marketing

No list is complete without this one. SEM can help startups get instant results by promoting content specifically for their target audience. Begin with adequate keyword research and no matter what your budget is, work at developing a high-quality landing page with clear CTAs.

4. Social Media Marketing

According to ourworldindata.org, the percentage of US adults who use social media increased from 5% in 2005 to 79% in 2019. With the rise in social media, it’s only natural or startups to consider this route as one of the best low-cost marketing techniques., Statista projected that nearly 91% of businesses are using social media for marketing.

There are several social media platforms that you should incorporate into your marketing mix. Choose the one that connects with your target audience and is the most profitable for your brand. YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are good examples of those platforms picking up traction. In fact, YouTube has attracted so much attention that it is becoming an independent marketing channel for many startups.

5. Influencer Marketing

With social media holding so much weight in marketing, it’s only natural that Influencer Marketing is quickly picking up momentum. Influencing others to use your product/brand will help promote and develop trust in your startup. 

Ordinary digital citizens have a more authentic engagement than company representatives. According to Adweek, brands have shown that micro-influencers generally drive engagement rates by 60%.

Final Thoughts

Success is far from guaranteed in any business, especially for a startup. Marketing techniques are complex and multi-dimensional. With tech and trends embracing an “everything digital” ideology, you need to update your set of skills. 

In a thriving, competitive market, effective marketing demands more than ever. As the digital marketer of your startup, aligning the right marketing strategies, using the best talent, and focusing your efforts on strategizing and managing your digital marketing campaign is essential. 

Are you doing the same? Altering your approach improves your marketing relevance and, ultimately, your business success.

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