Google is keen to understand how social media influences ranking. It is one of the strategies that the best social media marketing services in India use to boost SEO. Highly engaging content secures a higher SEO value compared to less popular pages. 

Google continues tweaking its algorithm over time. As such, publishing useful content for search queries is essential and requires assessing the value of your social media pages. Social signals will play a critical role in making this determination as they represent an independent evaluation of the content of your page. For example, you will not share a link or like a social media post if it isn’t worth reading nor will you spend your time watching videos that are not engaging. The best social media marketing services will capture the attention of your audience. 

The primary objective of social media engagement gives  Google the external validation of the value of your page. It implies that SEO and social media marketing work hand in hand; what works well for one brand may also do wonders for yours. 

5 Social Media Strategy Examples

These five social media strategies will boost your SEO to provide a competitive edge in the market.

1. Identify Your Brand To Make it Known

The internet is crowded so standing out is hard, you need to build an engaging, authentic, and strong presence for your brand by strategically publishing optimized content on social media pages using your content calendar. This way, users will instantly recognize you as the author of a particular piece of content through  your tone, ethos, and design. 

The  on-brand message of social media content benefits from cohesiveness  and relevancy. Your brand awareness will grow organically through searches.,making  it more valuable than any other mode of advertisement. The secret is to know your brand and establish a distinctiveness

2. Build Community

Increasing the number of connections and followers to your social profiles has a significant and direct influence on ranking. Real followers engage with the quality of your brand, while fake ones don’t. It is good to understand that engagement is critical if you want to boost your SEO. If your goal is building a community, begin by looking at yourself as a leader. Your ideal followers will should spend considerable time on all your social media profiles. Therefore, it is crucial to publish high-quality content on all of them.

It’s most important to create engagement by identifying  key individuals in your industry and follow them, this will lead to follow-backs. To start a conversation, provide incentives like a free entry or downloads in exchange for Twitter and Facebook follows

3. Inspire Sharing

Sharing is the primary goal of social networking. The most significant actions for SEO are shares, comments, and likes. SEO visibility increases when your community shares your content more. 

Additionally, the content that you share on social media can also play a part in eBooks, slideshow presentations, articles, and blog posts. 

You can ask provocative questions that will encourage discussion and include your content in broader conversations through the use of hashtags. Format your tweets so that you can retweet them easily. You also need to respond in all the comments on the content that you publish on your platforms.

4. Content Optimization

Users can search for information on social media platforms just as is the case with search engines. You need to put in place a social SEO strategy to help users search for and find your content. Research appropriate keywords and plan out your content well. 

Include correct keywords in your hashtags, posts, and headings and SEO keywords in the text, captions, biographies, links and summaries. Keywords have a critical role to play in search keywords. The phrases act as stepping stones to lead people to the high-end content on your website. A Twitter or Facebook user can stumble across your content, share it, and even become a follower.

5. Go Where Your Followers Are

The social media world keeps on expanding. You can miss out on great opportunities if you limit your engagement to only one or two platforms. You have to make sure that you are getting your content before various audiences. For example, you will not automatically get Instagram and Snapchat users on Facebook. The customer is the king,  and similar to portfolio investments, you have to diversify your holdings to get a high ROI in social media. 


Successful SEO strategy and social media posting follow the same rules. You need to provide valuable, concise, and smart content that is highly engaging. Once you align with your followers, they will know you and trust you as an industry leader. As a result,  your target audience will begin searching for your content and sharing it. Influence comes with every high-end content piece that you publish. 

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