Whether you’re writing for your website or creating content for a firm, it is vital to know how to create content that will help you achieve the goals.

Writing content is not as easy as you may think. You have to understand what mistakes to avoid in order to deliver quality content. For online writing, knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do.  

6 Deadly Web Writing Mistakes

Here are the 6 mistakes you should avoid while writing content for the web. 

Mistake #1. Not considering your audience 

If the audience lands on your website and feels that the content doesn’t relate to them, they will walk away from your page. The best way to make sure your audience stays on the page is to do as much research as possible before start writing to make sure you know your audience. If you know your audience, you will have a better chance of making a meaningful connection and motivating them to come back for more content.

Also, not valuing your audience’s time is another reason they could feel forgotten.  If someone doesn’t like your content, they will leave your website after 5 seconds. The only way you can keep your audience for longer than 5 seconds is to focus on writing creative and persuasive copy which will keep them engaged.

Mistake #2. Not thinking about “why”

For an effective copy, it is important to know why you are writing and what your goal is. Forgetting to write an outline and define your purpose will make it hard for your audience to gain something from your content. 

Being able to determine the objective behind your copy and express it will inspire people to take action. Keeping it simple will make it easier for your audience to understand and so your article will perform better. 

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Mistake #3. Stuffing keywords  

If you are starting to write content for the internet, it is important to know all the important keywords related to your copy, industry, product, and mission. Keywords help you rank in search engine results so using them appropriately is important. 

But, if you stuff in keywords, Google will lower your ranking in search results because your content will be considered less valuable. 

Mistake #4. Content filled with mistakes

Nobody is perfect! Writers make mistakes, we sure have, but you must catch them before your audience does. Grammar and spelling mistakes can destroy the quality of your content. Poor grammar tells visitors that you don’t pay attention to details and makes you seem less experienced. You can run your content through spelling and grammar checkers like Grammarly. It can proofread your content before it is sent to be published. 

Mistake #5. Ignoring format and style

Copy isn’t just about writing. Visuals play an important role in inspiring people to stay on your content for longer than 5 seconds.

Adding small additions like using different font sizes for your headings than your paragraphs, a mixture of paragraph lengths, using italics or bold to highlight the important words will help you add life to your copy. 

Mistake #6. Plagiarize content 

Using another website’s content as a part of the research is good, but copying the style, language, and approach will not produce results. To stand out in this competitive industry, you need to do something different. Like taking an idea and expanding on it. Look at it from a different angle, add your own spin to it. Don’t be bland. Be bold.


Avoiding these mistakes can significantly improve search engine ranking and increase engagement. When users have an easier time digesting your content, and you make them feel like you are speaking their language, they are more likely to trust you and become a lead.

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