AI, machine learning, and automation are now influencing many elements of the business world. They can streamline countless processes, improve accuracy and relieve employees of the most tedious and repetitive tasks. But can computers handle previously human-orientated work like writing, research, and customer service, and what are the advantages of using AI marketing in these modern ways?

This article will unpack AI’s seven most important developments concerning content creation. Read on to discover the best AI marketing tactics and say goodbye to the tedious processes you dislike most!

Natural Language Generation (NLG)

NLG is a cutting-edge development in AI that is sent to allow AI writers to ‘learn’. Tools that leverage NLG will take existing data and information from the internet and use it to create a natural-sounding, original narrative.

This way, you can quickly populate various types of content. From social media posts to blogs and even static website copy. For added personalization, users of NLG tools can provide guidelines for the content. Further ensuring all their most important points are tackled.

Greater Efficiency

Thanks to AI writing tools, you can now create automatically generated content in seconds. It won’t even require the need for much human interaction beyond picking the topics of discussion. This means that content writers and marketers can save vast amounts of time. All they have to do is switch their focus away from researching and writing original pieces to simply editing and improving upon the automatically generated content.

Content Ideas

Good marketers know that the key to successful content marketing is a steady stream of fresh and relevant content. However, if you are new to an industry or topic and don’t know where to start, it is easy to spend hours researching or brainstorming new ideas.

Fortunately, AI has provided tools to help create content ideation and write full texts. Additionally, you can save time by automatically generating a list of blog titles, topics, or ideas for listicle articles that are interesting and relevant to your specific audience.

This can be immensely valuable and creates unique ideas, helping to drive efficiency and keep the new, engaging content flowing. 

SEO-Friendly Content

Just as content ideas and nice chunks of text can be generated, essential elements of SEO can now be handled using AI. Firstly, all the research tools out there will help you decide which keywords will be most effective to target.

Secondly, AI writers can help by naturally including these keywords in the text they generate. The writers also help find topics that are relevant to your target keywords.

Social Media

We all know the stress of scheduling several Tweets for the days ahead. Or how time-consuming even a single sentence of engaging social media content can be. However, thanks to AI text generators, you can get fresh, current content ideas and whole social media posts that require little time or human interaction to work great.

So, before you start frying your brain trying to come up with 30 unique, relevant, and captivating social media posts for the week ahead, why not try an AI writer? See for yourself how it can keep your feeds full of engaging and clickable content in minutes.

User Generated Content (UGC)

With today’s Millennials and Gen Zers, user reviews and customer feedback has never been more accessible and important. However, although people may be saying nice things about your brand, finding that content and using it to promote your products or services can be a lengthy and tedious task.

Luckily, today AI tools can scour the internet for mentions of your brand and provide marketers with a constantly expanding list of mentions to read through and repurpose for use in marketing. It is not just about finding those obvious ‘@’ mentions. AI tools can search for instances where your products, services, and brand-specific works have been mentioned. It can even see images of your products uploaded online by customers and users.

Chat Bots

A little different from the content we have touched on so far, but modern chatbots are clear examples of the power of AI that most of us should have already experienced. These robots, capable of providing human-like customer service 24/7, have instantly changed the face of websites forever.

AI-enabled chatbots are far superior to the older version. Moreover, they can understand variants in customer queries and steadily improve their responses through deep learning. Today, these incredible bots learn how to communicate by text, similar to a human who would write and discuss your business-critical topics and ideas by leveraging data based on human-to-human dialogue.

The more data you feed them and the more conversations they have with your customers, the better the algorithms work and the smoother and more accurate their conversations will become. You can even give them a head start. Train chatbots to be up to speed and help customers smoothly and efficiently.

The Bond Between AI & Content Creation

With so much fantastic stuff now possible through AI, it looks like the world of marketing and content creation will change forever. However, fortunately for those struggling with a hefty workload, people can now streamline the most time-consuming, repetitive, and tedious processes.

Furthermore, this means we can focus on the exciting stuff and avoid those crushing 40hr work weeks. Did you have a chance to try out AI marketing? Then it’s time to get to grips with it and start benefiting your brand.

Author Bio

Ian Carroll is the owner of Digital Funnel, a Digital Marketing agency specializing in SEO in Dublin alongside Web Design. Ian and his team have helped numerous local businesses increase their online presence.