Case Study: The Power of a Website

Since I launched my new website just three weeks ago, my business has really taken off.

Could this be a coincidence?

I really don’t think so.

There are many reasons, tangible and intangible, that having a new website has helped my business.

They include new features such as:

  • Clear calls to action on every page
  • Well-written (ahem, if I do say so myself) opt-ins
  • An events calendar with on-site payment options
  • Easy-to-use scheduling software
  • Downloadable writing samples
  • A 16-part drip email campaign to boost my subscriber base and
  • Technical elements you can’t see, such as faster loading time

And design elements such as:

  • Updated photography
  • New logo design and
  • Contemporary typography

The thing is, I think the design works, in part, for two other important reasons.

They are:

  • The increased confidence the site gives me. I love my new website. It’s exciting to hear a prospect tell me, “I went online and was enjoying your website. . . .” That is music to a digital strategist’s ears!
  • Professionalism. It is great knowing that I can share events, scheduling, and my work with clients and prospects by sending a simple URL.
  • Strategy. My first site, built by me, didn’t have a strategy. After two years in business, I understand much better what I can, and can’t, do on my own, as well as how a website forms the center of every high-quality online marketing strategy.
  • Gratitude. All that said, I am grateful to my old site, ANNACOLIBRI. Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

With that in mind, let’s say goodbye to my old site. May she rest in peace; job well done! (And a huge shout out to Valerie Edmon of Goose Dog Designs. Her online marketing knowledge made the project a pleasure!)

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