In 2012, Colibri Digital Marketing was founded as a sole proprietorship with a simple goal of helping businesses reach their full potential. Five years later, we have already expanded to a team of digital marketing experts with multiple service offerings. In general, the industry is constantly changing, and Colibri Digital Marketing evolves with it. Nevertheless, our original values still form the core of the business. That is, we continue to prioritize original storytelling and building relationships. Our team is skilled in producing analytics, driving traffic, and delivering conversions, but our brand still stands apart via our commitment to sustainable business practices and joyful living. We want to make an impact and believe in working with individuals who similarly want to make a difference in the world. Always looking for new opportunities to share our unique message, we’re very excited to have recently joined Clutch!

Clutch, a B2B firm, delivers ratings and reviews for professional services and software companies. Their unique methodology evaluates a company based on a variety of factors—from its service offerings and industry focus to work portfolio. Moreover, Clutch places the client experience at the forefront of their analysis. Their analysts conduct direct interviews with the clients of digital marketing companies featured on their site, thereby collecting thoughtful insights into a firm’s business practices. The comprehensive reviews describe everything from a client’s business challenge to their outlook on project management.

In short, the Clutch reviews of Colibri Digital Marketing gives prospective buyers a snapshot of the experience they can expect to have with us. We appreciate that our clients have not only taken the time to share their thoughts, but have also given very positive feedback.

One of our clients, the Owner of Bashford Design, shared:

“If felt like Colibri Digital Marketing really cared about the results.”

Equally satisfied with the outcome of her collaboration with us, the Owner of Goose Dog Designs also observed:

“Our goals were met and exceeded.”

We are always striving to strike the right balance between delivering results and creating an enjoyable and meaningful experience. We hope that our inclusion on Clutch will reveal even more ways of creating an engaging experience for our clients, and bring many more future collaborations!