Do you need B2B social media post ideas? While some might expect crafting content and coming up with ideas for your B2B company’s social media to be easy, it can actually be quite a challenge.

Sometimes your brain feels stuck in reverse as you sit at the computer wondering what works to get fans and followers excited to engage with your brand. 

Thankfully, developing a list of ideas is a great solution to the problem. 

You can use the following ten social media post ideas as your cheat sheet for ideas that will help create the engagement you seek. 

Become an expert at rotating these posts on your social channels and watch as current fans like and share the content. From there, your follower counts will improve as current followers bring their social contacts over as your newest supporters.

1. User-Generated Content

User-generated brings many benefits because it:

  • Educates your fans and followers
  • Lessens the amount of content you need to create
  • Helps generate engagement via contests or giveaways

Many of your raving fans are probably already talking about you on social media. For example, they might post testimonials about how much they love using your product. 

Pay attention to user-generated content. If you’re using Twitter, retweet your customers’ (positive and brand-related) content and thank them. 

On other platforms, like Facebook, reach out and ask customers if you can share their posts. They’ll feel extra special, and you won’t have to worry that you’re spreading a post far and wide without their knowledge. 

Create contests that encourage user-generated content. You might run a contest with the promise of a giveaway. Ask fans to post a short video using a hashtag that’s specific to your giveaway and promotion. 

The best social media post is the post created by others. Happy fans and customers can act as a third party that can validate your product. This makes content made by them even more effective than the content you created yourself.

2. Behind the Scenes

Let fans, followers, and customers see behind-the-scenes information about your company. 

These types of posts reveal the personality of your brand. Use excerpts from team Zoom calls where you shared something sincere to show how much your team cares about customers. 

Post a quick blurb about the process that goes into creating your product. Or, feature a component used in your product that makes it unique. 

Some ideas for this include:

  • Share bloopers from team members creating videos. 
  • Highlight updates about projects you and the team are working on. 
  • Share the hobbies and personal interests of the team. 
  • Tell your audience about the struggles and failures you’ve encountered. 

Behind-the-scenes material shows your audience that real human beings are running the brand.

3. Use Product Images

Find creative ways to highlight your products across your social media channels. 

Go beyond the basic images you probably use in your online store or your website’s product pages. Use a little ingenuity, have fun, and create compelling images with groupings of your products. Set them up against engaging backgrounds. Use artificial intelligence applications for unique image generation.

Figure out how to highlight them in new ways that grab the attention of fans and followers. Ask yourself,  “How can I make this easy for my followers to get excited to share the photos?”

Go a step further and look for user-generated content with your products featured. Posting your products alongside the people using them is a solid way to build interest in future customers. It also helps generate repeat sales. 

Combine the behind-the-scenes strategy with this idea. For example, show pictures of your team putting a customer’s order together. Make sure your people smile and look at the camera. There you go, now that’s a shareable image!

4. Cross-Promote Your Blog Posts

You’re already working hard on your website to generate additional organic traffic. Repurpose that hard work by promoting it across all your social media accounts. 

A great way to share blog posts or company articles on social media is to use a short blurb from the content. Or, simply create a new and engaging description that sums up the benefits of the article. 

Post those enticing descriptions on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with a link back to the article. Use images along with the link to garner attention as fans scroll through their news feeds. 

You can also share the following from your website on social media:

  • Industry developments
  • Open job postings
  • Company news

If you’re in the B2B space, then this strategy works well on LinkedIn. Users on the LinkedIn platform enjoy reading quality content. You have a couple of options to use. 

First, use the example from above where you tease the blog post and link to it. Second, use LinkedIn’s article publishing platform and share entire articles for followers to read and share. 

5. Short-Form Video Content

Using shorter video content is the new trend. Almost half of all business videos are now less than one minute long

Short-form videos typically run anywhere from a few seconds to 10 minutes. It all depends on the social media platform you’re posting to. Your video will be a few seconds on TikTok, while you can go longer when posting a tutorial to YouTube. Using free video maker tools like Visme, you can easily create short-form video content in a couple of clicks.

It makes sense to post short-form video content to social media because many people consume content on their phones. If they’re waiting in line at the store, it’s more likely that they’ll have time to watch your three-minute video and see your call-to-action. 

Combine user-generated content with your short-form social media plan. Encourage short customer testimonial videos, get permission to use them with your marketing, and then use those videos across your social media platforms. 

Search hashtags associated with your brand to find user-generated video content and share it. Make sure to give the creators credit as you repost and highlight their content.

6. Post FAQs and Answer Them

If you’re stuck with a lack of ideas for what to post next on social media, look at the most frequently asked questions you get from prospects and customers. 

Those FAQs are excellent content ideas. If you have already heard the question before on sales calls or during customer service engagement, then you can bet that many other people in your audience have the same question. 

Get on social media, bring up the question, and then answer it.

7. Post Interesting Interviews

You don’t have to have an official podcast to interview people. Uncover interesting people in your industry to interview and chat with them on social media. 

This can branch out into a couple of intriguing directions. Moreover, you could record the interview ahead of time and then post it on social media. 

Or, you might use Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube “Lives” to conduct the interview. Create some buzz ahead of time by promoting the upcoming live interview in your email newsletter and on the social channel where the interview will take place. 

Interview possibilities include:

Use your imagination and find people to interview that you know your audience finds interesting.

8. Provide Tips and Advice

Giving your audience solid tips and advice works every time. 

The reason you’re selling a product or service is that you love solving specific problems for people. Look at your customer journey maps. Brainstorm all the little issues that lead to your product’s main solution. 
Use those smaller problems that people must solve as ideas when creating helpful content. Additionally, post tips, strategies, and advice that help move prospects further down the buyer path on social media.

9. Use Full “How-To’s” or Tutorials

Go beyond simple tips and advice and post your best tutorials. People love learning how to do specific tasks. Give that to them and watch how well your audience responds regarding likes, shares, and sales conversions. 

Think about what types of tasks you can teach your audience to elevate your expertise in their minds. 

For example, teach how to straighten a leaning fence to drive more social media followers to your carpentry business. You can create a how-to video for changing a tire if you work at an auto repair shop. Demonstrate the way your blender makes smoothies if you own a juice bar.

10. Post Market Data

Do you research industry data that might interest your audience? Important data and statistics make for excellent social media content. 

Ask your audience if they were aware of specific numbers or stats. Turn those posts into visuals by combining images, graphs, or infographics. If you post a blog post about it, link back to the article, and followers can get the full picture of your findings.

Key Takeaways

Did you learn something new today? Are your creative juices flowing with ideas? 

Your next step is to take these B2B social media post ideas and personalize them to match your needs. Take inspiration from these starting ideas and then add to these social media post ideas over time so you never run out of possibilities for your social media channels. 

Select one of the B2B social media post ideas that you like best and start using it. Too often, we have ideas but fail to act on them. Get it into motion. Test the idea on your audience and gauge whether it works. If it does, then go back to it again after mixing in other post ideas. Rotate through these 10 examples of social media posts and easily excel at increasing your engagement. 

Do you want guidance with this process for your own business? Reach out to us today to schedule a complimentary strategy session and brainstorm b2b social media post ideas with us!