A website is essential for brand building, whether you are a blogger or a Fortune 500 company. Websites allow you to create content that anyone can find. 

But building a website is not simple. There are so many factors to consider, like the design, overall aesthetic, navigation, security, the list goes on… 

WordPress, a website building platform, can help you manage all of these factors. WordPress is the world’s most popular system for managing content. They offer a wide range of plugins that make running a website easy. However, there are over 52,000 plugins in the official directory, so finding the best plugin that suits your needs as a blogger can be a challenge. Every plugin you add to your website has the potential to slow your site down, so make sure to install only the best of the best.

7 Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs

Colibri has created a list of 7 WordPress Plugins that will help you manage your blog, whether it is about fitness or SEO, including our suggestions for content management, social media, site performance, and more. 

So let’s get started!


Source: CoSchedule

Pricing: $14, $29 per month, and marketing suite pricing.

Bloggers often wear many different hats, which sometimes include content creators for social media. CoSchedule is one of the best WordPress blog plugins to help you juggle both roles. For blogging, it can be used as an editorial calendar, which allows you to plan and organize your content. It offers many special features to make your calendar easy to work with y like color-coding.

CoSchedule is most often used for social media scheduling. It lets you schedule a social post in your calendar alongside your blogs. This is great if you plan on promoting a blog on social media. It also allows you to reschedule your social posts and blogs. Along with the scheduling and posting, you can create a library that can help you automate social posts. 


Source: Jetpack

Pricing: $8, $20, $80 per month, and more product pricing.

Adding plugins add load on your website and slow it down. Jetpack is the ultimate toolkit for designing your site, tracking statistics, social sharing, and preventing spammers. 

Besides these core features, it also provides additional features like daily backups and SEO tools.  Jetpack keeps your site secure and ensures that it runs smoothly. This WordPress plugin has a lot to offer, so if you want to use it, take some time to decide what features your brand needs.


Source: Newsletter

Pricing: Free Pricing Plan 

Everyone wants their audience to read all of their content. Newsletter is one of the best newsletter plugins available to keep your audience engaged. It lets you have unlimited subscribers and send out unlimited emails to your email list.

Newsletter is an easy drag-and-drop responsive email composer, which you can use to craft beautiful mobile-ready newsletters. It also provides features like double opt-in subscriptions, email tracking, easy segmentation to target your campaigns, and many more. 

Newsletter also provides several add-ons that tack on support for autoresponders, analytics, and more.

Yoast SEO

Source: Kinsta 

Pricing: Free Pricing Plan 

Every blog you publish, you want to be read by someone. To get readers, your blog needs to be optimized for search engines. Yoast SEO is one of the best WordPress plugins for optimizing a website for search engines. 

Yoast adds SEO data and recommendations for all the content on your site. It gives you a list of ways to optimize all of your content. Yoast verifies your site and adds necessary metadata to improve your content’s appearance and user experience.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Source: Smush

Pricing: Free Pricing Plan 

Images are a vital part of every website. Without images, content becomes boring and unengaging. They need to be a part of your blogs.  But high-quality images tend to be large files that can slow down your site speed. 

Smush is a perfect WordPress plugin if your website has lots of images. Smush compresses and optimizes your images automatically. It improves your loading time even if you have tons of images on your pages and posts. Smush also allows you to set a max-width and height, and large images will scale down as they are compressed.


Source: WPForms

Pricing: Free Pricing Plan 

The easiest way people can contact you or ask questions is through the contact form on your website. Copying and pasting email addresses is a big task no one wants to do and if your audience has to do that, it could be a turn-off. Contact forms make it easy for your audience to contact you without any hassle. 

WPForms is an incredibly user-friendly drag and drop form building plugin. It lets you choose from many available templates and customize them according to your needs. The forms come with simple styling tailored to your theme. They’re also responsive and mobile-friendly by default.


Source: Redirection

Pricing: Free Pricing Plan

Posting new content on your website doesn’t mean that you have to lose old content. The WordPress Redirection plugin is another essential plugin, especially for bloggers. 

Redirection has many uses. It monitors any changes to your permalinks and automatically creates a redirect from the old link to the new. On top of that, it looks for 404 errors on your site and allows you to set up a redirect where appropriate. Lastly, Redirection can set up short URLs to redirect people to popular products or posts so it’s easy to share on social media.


A lot goes into creating and maintaining a website. To optimize your site for search engines and improve user experience, WordPress plugins are vital. We recommend understanding your blogging needs before installing any plugins. Then, find the WordPress blog plugin that best fits your needs. Do you have any other essential WordPress plugins for bloggers? Let us know in the comments below!

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