As one of the top digital marketing agencies in San Francisco, let us tell you the reasons why we chose to be the FIRST to offer bilingual multicultural services! 

Si, es verdad que hablamos español y queremos ayudarte con todas las necesidades de tu negocio. Entendemos la importancia de conectar con nuestros clientes, no importa si hablan inglés o español.  

While it does require extra work, the benefits are worthwhile for expanding your audience. Read on to learn why.

Bilingual multicultural services

Being San Francisco’s First Bilingual Digital Marketing Agency

With Spanish in the top 5 most spoken languages in the world, it’s no wonder that we chose to use this to our advantage with our agency. Even within the US, it’s the most common language spoken in households other than English. 

While San Francisco has its Spanish-speaking population that we serve, our agency extends far beyond these geographical limits to help meet the digital marketing needs of other English and Spanish-speaking businesses as well. There are many benefits to being a business that offers bilingual multicultural services, so let’s explore some reasons why you should consider it. 

10 Reasons To Offer Bilingual Multicultural Services

I know what you’re thinking: but it seems like so much work! Is it worth it to translate everything? Can’t I achieve the same results with just one language? Let’s dig in and examine some reasons to do so!

The Future Is Bilingual

In our increasingly globalized world, being monolingual can be a hindrance. To be able to keep up with the global conversation, being bilingual is an incredible asset for your business. 

There are over 500 million Spanish speakers worldwide and 20 countries with Spanish as their official/national language. Entonces, parece que es una buena idea y muy útil incorporarlo, ¿no? This makes it a great language to capitalize on and one way that we stand out from the crowd.

Multi-Language Boots SEO

Being bilingual is great, but even more, languages can be better! Think about all of the SEO potentiality! Simply put, when you have different versions of your website (in different languages) search engines will view each version as part of the same site. The traffic you get from any of the versions improves your ranking for the whole site.

Lower Operational Costs

Now for the financial aspect. Is it cost-effective to translate your website and content? Well, when you compare the price, time, and effort of translating your site vs developing marketing strategies for global audiences, website translation wins. 

At Colibri, we are lucky enough to have a team that is already bilingual in Spanish and English, but another great option to start with is a translation plugin for your site.

Increase Conversions

Put yourself in the shoes of a non-native English speaker for a moment. Are you going to buy something from a site, sign up for a newsletter, or engage with content if you can’t understand it? For the majority of people, if they can’t read it, they won’t buy it. However, when it is in your native language, this dramatically increases the chances of conversion. 

Foster Trust

At the heart of bilingual marketing is the sense of connection. You build instant rapport with your audience when you offer content/services in their native language. There’s an unwritten sense of appreciation from your audience when they see you are using more than one language. They understand the time and effort it takes to learn another language and make content more accessible for them. You’re creating an emotional bond with your client which can last a lifetime.

Expand Community And Brand Recognition

Grow your audience, even more, when you choose to be bilingual or multilingual. One way you can easily do this is with your social media platforms. You create new audiences, you expand globally, you increase traffic. What’s not to love?

Enhance Brand Loyalty And Sales

As hinted at previously, content in your native language feels like home. It’s no surprise that users are more likely to buy into and participate in content that is comfortable and natural for them. 

While this applies to all languages, Spanish-speakers in the U.S. specifically hold a great deal of purchasing power, so it makes sense to target marketing strategies toward their values. 

Target Various Locations

Within the Spanish language, there is tons of room to target different regions and locations. You can focus on marketing in certain countries, but just make sure to differentiate your strategies to remain culturally relevant and sensitive. It is important to understand the needs of the people located where you are targeting and tailor it to each group.  

Obviamente, los hispanohablantes pueden entender su propio idioma, pero les servirá para diversificar entre regions.

Inclusive Marketing

This marketing trend is becoming far more of a necessity in today’s world than a suggestion. To show commitment to valuing diversity, being bilingual proves to consumers that you are an inclusive brand that cares and inspires trust. 

Being Interconnected

One final point to mention is that business is about a sense of belonging. Being bilingual in your business shows empathy and extends a hand of support through our most natural form of communication, language. 

Cuando podemos comunicarnos con nuestros clientes en su lengua nativa, se siente más familiar y puede hacer toda la diferencia en la conexión entre la empresa y el consumidor.

Key Takeaways

Being a business that offers bilingual multicultural services has the potential to transform your brand, yet the majority of businesses are not utilizing this secret weapon. Por lo tanto, ¿qué estás esperando? Try it today and discover how this will change your business for the better.

We are proud to be the first bilingual agency in the Bay Area and we would love to serve you! Contact us to learn more about how our bilingual team can help you and your business, or read more from our experts in our blog!