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About Anna

Anna provides clients with access to personalized support given in clear, simple language and the tools and resources to gracefully achieve professional and personal goals on time and on budget. Anna’s primary focus is to help develop lifestyle businesses that support clients as they reach their full and unique potential personally and professionally. Anna’s values are informed by over 10 years working in the nonprofit and alternative healthcare sectors. A teacher certified in the Iyengar yoga tradition, Anna respects the transformative process and our human ability to learn new skills and adapt to change.


Her work as a project manager and marketer taught her to foster professional connections, encourage community and appreciate the importance of a compelling web presence and how to develop the digital strategies to create visibility online so companies can communicate their brands, product and services. Anna’s writing career started at age 11, when she won a prize for haiku in her home town’s poetry contest. Because she loves great writing and design, Anna coaches clients to produce and share their best content, whether that content is for a social service program aimed toward older adults, a blog bent on informing people how their food choices affect their health or a film festival bringing like-minded people together to talk about the environment. What her clients share is valuing quality, independence and a desire to make a positive difference for themselves, their families and in the world around them.

IMG_8409Personal Interests

Anna’s personal interests reflect her professional interests. She travels for business and pleasure and enjoys meeting people from around the world to share language and culture. She takes inspiration from walking outdoors, spending time with friends, colleagues and family as well as the ways in which we interact with the natural world through art, architecture, gardening and food.

Keys to Success

These eclectic interests reflect her belief that the best way to reach customers is to combine traditional and web based marketing with an emphasis on relationship. Among her proudest achievements are winning an award for Most Inspirational on her high school cross country team, being voted by her graduating class as Most Likely to Overthrow the Government, receiving a citizenship award from the City of San Francisco for her work on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) risk reduction and completing the San Diego Rock-n-Roll Marathon while raising over $6,000 to cure childhood leukemia.

Anna ColibriEducation

Anna holds an advanced degree in Gerontology from UC Berkeley in addition to certifications in yoga, ayurveda, and holistic massage. Anna grew up in Pacific Grove, California, a small town on the edge of the sea. She has had the wonderful fortune to live, study and work in the United States, France and India. References

The Bird Behind the Brand

The forest was shining and green, dense with trees, flowers and food. The animals played and worked together by the river, tending their homes and sharing their lives. Out of nowhere, a storm erupted and bolts of lightening shattered the peace. One bolt of lightening struck an old tree and suddenly, fire was everywhere. The animals did not know what to do. They were filled with fear and ran this way and that, trying to save themselves, their possessions and their families. While the forest burned, Monkey saw Hummingbird doing something different from the rest. He was going back and forth from river to fire, carrying droplets of water in his tiny beak and tossing them on the flames. Monkey screamed and pointed at him, stopping the animals around them in their tracks. He said to Hummingbird, “What are you doing there, Hummingbird? Everyone knows you can’t save this forest with your tiny drops of water!” Hummingbird kept working, but he replied to Monkey, “I am doing my part.”

Brand Story

Once upon a time in a Paris bookstore, I found a French version of the above story, written by Pierre Rabbhi, a farmer, politician and spiritual practitioner. I love the socially conscious spirit of this story and it reminds me that the Anna Colibri brand represents doing my best and nothing less for people, planet and profit. My attraction to hummingbirds started when I didn’t even know what a brand is. I was a small child living in Pacific Grove, California. In that little town by the sea, there is a natural history museum and in the museum, in one dusty case near the stairs going to the second floor, I found Anna’s Hummingbird. As a little girl, I was pleased that such a pretty little bird was named after me!

Anna Colibri Brand (and Bird) Qualities

The colibri, especially Anna’s hummingbird, is a truly amazing creature. Here are some reasons why:

  • Multiculturalism. Colibri means hummingbird in many modern languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Finnish and Swedish. Because the word colibri is recognized in so many languages it expresses an appreciation for the value of multiculturalism.
  • Good taste and savoir faire. Anna’s hummingbird was named after Anna Masséna, the French Duchess of Rivoli. This shows good taste and savoir faire.
  •  Grace under pressure. Anna’s hummingbird is the fastest animal on earth, able to flourish and fly under forces 10 times the pull of gravity. This shows grace under pressure.
  • Courage. Hummingbirds, living only in the Americas, have the strongest heart of any animal. This is the embodiment of courage.
  • Creativity, flexibility and zest. Hummingbirds can fly in all directions, including backwards. This shows creativity, flexibility and zest for life.
  • Ecology. Hummingbirds are pollinators, meaning they contribute directly to the web of life.
  • Consistency and perseverance. Despite their tiny size, hummingbirds are fierce fighters and constant hard workers. This shows strength, determination, perseverance and consistency.
  • Sense of fun. Colibris suck nectar from flowers as their primary means of survival. Nectar is naturally sweet and juicy. This shows the hummingbird’s appreciation of pleasure (and how to mix it with business).
  • Form and function. Hummingbirds, with their jewel-toned feathers, are bright and beautiful. Their natural beauty sets a standard for combining form and function.
  • Adaptability. Anna’s hummingbird is not on the endangered species list, showing an ability to thrive during both the good times and the challenging.

I love colibris and everything they stand for. My company, Anna Colibri, strives to embody the spirit and qualities of Anna’s Hummingbird at work, play and life.

The Logo

The original Anna Colibri logo was created by Stephen Standridge, a local San Francisco illustrator, artist and programmer.

Your Story

Logos are a foundational element for building your brand. At their best, they represent your values, ethics and esthetics while making sure you are memorable online and off. Loving your logo is energizing and motivating. It would be my pleasure to help you create a logo and digital strategy you can love just as much I love mine.

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