Branding & Messaging are two of the things I love best about online marketing.


I’ve outlined 9 reasons, below, the first one being that branding is a contemplative process.


Yes. Those who know me and know my work know that I am not only a SEO copywriter, but a certified yoga teacher as well. For that reason, I love contemplation (More accurately, I chose to certify as a yoga teacher because I love contemplation — not the other way round. Catch my drift?).

When creating branding, messaging, and brand strategies, an online marketer can take some time, steaming cup of green tea in hand, to think deeply about the work her client is doing and what it means. There’s a subtle difference between “thinking about” and “contemplating”.

Which brings me to . . . my point.

I would like you to take this opportunity to think about branding and messaging, not just as a job to get done, but as a (spiritual) process. After all, if it’s the way you’re spending your time, then it’s your (thank you Mary Oliver), one wild and precious life.

Here go 9 things about branding and messaging you probably aren’t thinking about but kinda sorta should (not to get bossy on y’all):

  • Contemplation. Contemplation comes after the conversations and the research. I personally like to get the intel all together in one place and sit down with a cup of the aforementioned green tea (see ritual, below).
  • Ritual. As you advance in a career in brand messaging (or any sort of writing), you’ll find that ritual is your friend. I hate to keep harping on the whole green tea thing, but I find it a healthier alternative to cigarettes and hard alcohol. It gets me into the “place” where I can access my thoughts and pull the writing out.
  • Meaning. When you contemplate, consider what your brand means. Naturally, whatever you come up with, be it “Just Do It” or “Coke Adds Life”, will have meaning. Contemplation is required to go deep enough within yourself to discover exactly what the brand in question means.
  • Distillation. This is the moment when things get tough. An awesome brand message uses the fewest words to say the most. When you dive deep, you find the pearl that conveys what’s essential about the brand in question. Finding this essence, while it demands a lot, is deeply satisfying when it works.
  • Power. Brand messages are powerful because they communicate meaning and influence behavior. The power behind branding and messaging is why I choose my projects carefully. Wielding this kind of power is an important responsibility.
  • Values. Your message matters. As a writer and a marketer, it’s important, of course, to understand your client’s values, but to understand as well that you are the one who is developing a shareable message. Consider whether your client’s values square with your own, and what the implications are if they don’t.
  • Community. Branding, and creating brand messages, is typically a group process. This means that, as a writer, you get to get out from behind your computer and spend time with — that’s right — people! Your own great listening skills and ability to be receptive and charming come into play here.
  • Novelty. You are creating something new. Something you have made that the world has never seen. It’s a thrilling feeling.
  • Fun. Reviewing this list, you’ll find it’s a rich mix of time alone, time with others, and a powerful opportunity to share your creativity with the world. If that’s not fun, what is?

Okay, colleagues, there you have it: 9 things about branding and messaging you may not have been thinking about but kinda sorta should.

Your Turn

What do you think? Are there any other deep thoughts we could be sharing about branding and messaging?

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