Successful business owners know that making the sale is not the final step of a profitable relationship with a client. In fact, that first sale should be used as the starting point for the client onboarding process.

When a Prospect Becomes a Client

After investing time and resources to attract a client, it only makes sense from a business standpoint to gain as much profit as possible. Although this might sound one sided, in reality, when done correctly with a robust client onboarding process, the client benefits just as much.

Effective Client Onboarding

The time of the sale should also be the signal to start the client onboarding process. Once the exchange of money for goods/services has commenced, the next step is acclimating the buyer with your product or service. This will cut down on time spent handling customer support issues while ensuring the buyer is profiting from their purchase.

Building trust with your client and taking them by the hand immediately will strengthen the relationship that you are working to grow. You will show them how to get their questions answered, how to use the product/service most effectively and to address the concerns that they might have. These are the efforts on your part that will differentiate your company from the competition while providing proof that the client’s needs are a first and foremost concern.

Consistency is Key

To have a truly effective client onboarding strategy, a checklist of steps that are implemented with each new client needs to be put in place. Training all employees in the importance and use of your client onboarding process is key because it will ensure that all necessary actions are being completed on a consistent basis.

Increasing Your Profits

Providing value and stellar customer service are not the only rewards that come from an effective client onboarding process. As a business, this is also a time that also opens up numerous opportunities for you to cross sell your client on additional products and services that can be of benefit to them. Because you took the time to gather in depth data about their business, you have firsthand knowledge in regards to how your offerings can be of optimal use in the client’s operation.

Enthusiastic clients that are excited to be working with you are a huge asset that can be utilized in gaining referrals. Just as you have placed a priority in building business relationships, your client has most likely done the same. Their network can be a source of future clients that you may have not otherwise had the opportunity to tap into.

Next Steps

The implementation of your client onboarding system, like many things in business, will work most effectively as you continue to put it to use on a daily basis. It is no surprise that you will have to tweak it to your business’s individual needs. The value you will gain, however, makes the time you invest worth it. Your clients will appreciate your attention and service while your business stands out from the competition.

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