Content marketing does not overtly promote a brand. Rather, by focusing on content that highlights the value that your company, product, or service can provide for your target audience, it promotes engagement and, ultimately, leads to a conversion.

Content is more than just text. From the images depicting the family-oriented values of your company to the videos explaining your product’s features to print media highlighting the benefits of using your service, there are so many ways that your company can leverage content marketing to connect with your ideal audience, increase brand loyalty, and build brand recognition.

When developing a content strategy (the overarching plan which will inform your content marketing efforts), the first phase will identify your ideal client, or your perfect audience. It’s to them that you’ll be writing, or with them in mind when you produce content. If you’re creating a video, for example, you’ll want to match your visual style to appeal to that particular type of person or client.

Content marketing also demands a keen understanding of your brand, your company’s identity, and your overall business goals. In order to write authentically, your content will need to flow naturally from your positioning and your values. This approach keeps everything honest and relevant, while still maximizing the efficiency of your content marketing efforts.

The basic strategy content marketing is to create truly useful (or entertaining!) content to the right people at the right time in the right place, wherever they are online – and sometimes offline as well.

Simple, right?

At Colibri Digital Marketing, we understand the valuable role that content can play in developing a brand, but we produce great content for its own sake, too. Using our roles as digital marketers and B Corp-certified thought leaders, we use our platform to publish influential content that provides real value to your audience.


Content marketing should benefit your business just as much as it benefits your audience or your clients. Producing strong content is paramount, but it should generate real revenue or value for your business, too.

The key is to tell your company’s story in a meaningful and engaging way that endears people to your brand. Colibri Digital Marketing will work with you to identify your business goals and reinforce those key values that you want to convey to your target audience. We use innovative digital strategies to tie all of your content together so that everything representing your brand has a coherent identity.

If your content is strong, and if it supports your brand’s values and messages, then it will make for a very good first point of contact as part of a buyer’s journey. That’s content marketing in a nutshell, and it’s that understanding – that the content comes first – that sets our agency apart.


To learn more about the digital marketing planning that we have done at Colibri Digital Marketing, head on over and check out some of our case studies or sign up for our non obligation digital strategy session. We’d love to learn more about your projects, products, and services. Whatever you’re up to, let’s make it happen.

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