copywriting & copyediting

Colibri Digital Marketing has built our business on the fact that, in the digital age, content is Queen. No matter what you’re doing on the web, whether it’s creating a new website, sending out a newsletter, updating your Facebook page, or launching a Google Ads campaign, you’ll need words, images, link, URLs, and a strategy to make it all fit together.

It’s no longer enough to be a brilliant writer. In order to really grab someone’s eye, your content must be well-written and fully optimized with images and often video. But even videos need scripts! Our copywriting services include both SEO and social media optimization when we write content for our clients. That way, people will be clicking on your links from multiple sources, not just when you appear in search results. 

CONsultative copywriting and copyediting

Copywriting is all about selling a brand. It’s about producing strong content that directly and meaningfully invites your audience into a conversion funnel. When we write fresh content and when we edit your content, we take a consultative approach based on our experience with digital marketing as a whole. We know that words fit into designs, so we touch bases with you to help make sure your designs enhance your user’s experience. We also make sure that your copy is consistent across your brand, and that it effectively tells your brand story.

Copyediting also depends on that very personal understanding of a given brand. To edit is to bring out the best in something, but one brand’s best might not look much like another’s. Good editing is all about voice. It helps the words on the page to best express the right ideas in the right ways. That’s why we take the time to get to know our clients, and their context, before we get to work.

These are some of the ways that our agency distinguishes itself from many others in our industry. As a certified B Corp, we make it a point to work with we respect, that sell products and services we would buy. 

producing great copy that considers your audience

Copywriting depends not just on an understanding of your brand’s identity, but also on understanding the sorts of clients and consumers who are going to be paying for your services and products. It’s a complex, multi-faceted sort of consideration that we don’t take lightly because we love great writing. Colibri Digital Marketing’s copywriting team takes the time to get a feel for your brand and your audience. By forgoing partnerships with brands that share our values, we’re uniquely positioned to produce the kind of authentic copy that generates leads, conversions, and sales for your business. 


We’ve got some case studies that showcase what effective copywriting can do for a business, and we welcome any prospective clients to a no-obligation digital marketing strategy session to find out how our team can help grow your business.