Crafting email subject lines can be similar to creating dating profiles: in less than ten words, you want to be attention-grabbing but not too spammy, compelling but to the point, and showcase personality without sounding cringy. Oh, and also add some statistics. 

There’s a lot of pressure involved. What works and what doesn’t? Although audience preferences differ and no size fits all, here are some attractive subject line models you can A/B test, backed by data. I have titled each of them following my own advice, for argument’s sake:

How Do I Create KPI-Boosting Email Subject Lines?

When presented with a question, we feel an urge to know the answer, and experiments have confirmed this. For example, the email outreach software company Yesware tested 1.2 million cold email subject lines and found that questions got open rates 10% higher than the average.

Increase Open Rate 45% Using Numbers

The same study corroborated the persuasive power of numbers. Hard numbers establish authority, build credibility, and, as evidenced by Yesware, may increase your open rates by up to 45%.

Mind Your Capitalization

First things first: never, ever, EVER write your subject line in all caps. It looks like you are screaming, and it triggers spam filters. Usually, you would capitalize a subject line as you would a title. Hubspot, however, recently made me reconsider this generalization by commenting on an all-lowercase subject: “find anyone’s email.” Unexpected capitalization can be a subtle way to break the mold and capture precious inbox attention.

Personalize Subjects and Get Opens Through the Roof

Remember Dale Carnegie’s third principle: “A person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” Marketing investigation proves that the author of How to Win Friends and Influence People was on to something. As demonstrated by the sales engagement platform Kanty, it can raise your open rate by more than 25%.

Stop Spending Effort and Time on Unopened Emails

Remember your audience’s pain point and address it from the get-go. Show them you understand their problem with the subject of the email and propose your solution in the body. Yesware recommends appealing to any of these three emotions: curiosity, empathy, or FOMO.

Steal Like An Artist

Be alert. Observe the emails you open and note why they catch your attention. What works for you could indicate what might work for your audience. If you need to get your ideas going right now, check out other online resources, such as this one.

Key Takeaways

The art of crafting compelling email subject lines is a blend of science and creativity. You can significantly boost your open rates by leveraging data-backed strategies, such as incorporating questions, numbers, personalization, and addressing pain points. Remember, the goal is to stand out in a crowded inbox without resorting to gimmicks. Consistent A/B testing will help you understand what resonates most with your audience, allowing you to refine your approach continually.

Unlock the full potential of your email campaigns with personalized email subject lines that captivate and convert. Ready to see how data-backed strategies can transform your open rates? Schedule a call with us today, and let’s elevate your email game!