Friends, think of it this way: This holiday season, I’m giving you the gift of digital marketing secrets rounded up by influencers and professional marketers across the internet.

Enjoy these tips, tricks, and tools for good health, especially the first one from Triberr founder Dino Dogan (Dino? Where do you come up with these things?!).

Some are long, some are short — all provide tried and true marketing wisdom from pros who have been there and done that. Here goes:

Dino Dogan, Founder, Triberr

Rising tides lifts all boats. So find your tide.

I just got back from an investor event in NYC and while there I met Christian Hageseth, the Founder and CEO of Denver based Green Man Cannabis.

Now, you might think that since we’re talking about marijuana that investors would shy away from investing in a substance that’s still illegal in most places. But that simply wasn’t the case.

Christian and his team managed to create a great buzz at the event and all investors were declaring weed as the next big thing to invest in.

It’s worth remembering that Green Man Cannabis is not responsible for the confluence of factors that have led us to this point. Instead, movements like Legalize It, which have been around for decades, have created conditions for Christian’s company to ride the tides of the movement’s success.

Find your tide. Find a movement that is aligned with your company’s business and marketing goals and contribute to that movement.

While it may be hard to find a movement to align your company with, when you do, it can become a powerful and organic marketing weapon for you and your company.

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Peter Trapasso, Social Media Marketing Consultant

Twitter is a key social media component to any marketing campaign.

Since all of your followers will not see your post at the same time, you need to tweet the same message more than once. It is crucial to tweet more often to get seen.

A good example comes from a darling of the “sharing economy,” Kickstarter. According to Vincent Etter, founder of Sidekick, a Kickstarter success prediction engine, successful crowdfunded marketing projects tend to have 3x more tweets than failed ones.

Alan Steinborn, Founder, CEO, RealMoney

Take a look behind the curtains of nationally syndicated articles to find REAL experts and influencers.

The RealMoney expert newsfeed is a curated list of the leaders in the fields of personal finance, entrepreneurship, and self-development. We find these experts by searching for the post author on Twitter and then giving them shout outs using “via @famousauthorexpert” [or whatever their Twitter handle is, ed.] in our tweets.

By mentioning to influencers when sharing their posts, we greatly increase the chance of retweets and engagement.

To find out more, sign up for RealMoney. It’s free!

Lori Kober, Social Media Maven

In marketing it’s you and your credibility that must sell first. Any product you’re selling is secondary.

Alison Stripling, Founder, Cornerstone Creative | Online Marketing

Mailchimp is my go to online marketing tool. It’s free to sign up, which makes it an easy choice to get started with email marketing right away. If you upgrade to only $10/mo. then you can add fancy automation.

For live events, Eventbrite is an essential platform for event production. You can give discount codes as a special offer to your followers and subscribers. It’s free if you have a free event.

Instagram allows me to promote my pictures and get discovered thorough the use of creative hashtags.

Facebook Ads are an important tool in my online toolkit. For a small price, I can reach a large local population for an event. I’ve also tried promoting a blog post recently, giving me triple the traffic to my blog.

Cheryl Derricotte, Author, Being the Grown-Up, Taking Care of Someone with a Terminal Illness

Use (HARO stands for Help a Reporter Out) to get free press! You get 2-3 emails per day of reporter queries. Scan for the ones in your subject area and email the reporters. I have been featured in national magazines using HARO!

Wanda Anglin, Founder, SEO Buzz Internet Marketing and Web Design

Canva is a great free tool for quickly creating graphics for websites, social media profiles, and everything else. Whitespark is an excellent and affordable SEO tool for finding local citations.

Josimar King, SF Tech Alchemy

You’re guaranteed to not get results overnight, so don’t think you’re the exception.

Happy Holidays

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