Email marketing
begins with a good list

Email marketing and automation deliver the highest return on investment (ROI) of all digital marketing tactics. People love to hate email, but this digital marketing tactic deserves your attention. Don’t believe the misconception that email marketing is dead. If you’re looking for email marketing services, keep reading!

When reaching your target audience, you can’t get much closer than direct to their inboxes. Email marketing and automation allow you to tailor your message based on your audience’s personal and behavioral data. Whether you want to send an email blast, segment your lists, send newsletters, or create automated drip email sequences, you can find a way to ensure high open rates and quality engagement. Your company can become one of your audience’s trusted resources with witty subject lines, relevant topics, and personalized content.

email marketing begins with a good list 

More extensive email lists are good, but high-quality lists are even better. A high-quality subscriber database (email list) is made up of people who opted in because they loved your content and people you know (unless you are a giant company, in which case you are probably not reading this!) at least a little. Fundamentally, email marketing needs to be courteous.

Your subscriber database is gold because as people add their addresses to your mailing list, they invite your content into their inboxes, and you mustn’t abuse that privilege. The best way to be a courteous house guest is always to offer your readership something of value. Your emails can be much more than thinly-veiled plugs for your site or your products. Like the rest of your content, your emails can provide something compelling and engaging that your readers will benefit from. That might take the form of a newsletter, an infographic, or a coupon, and that’s hardly a complete list, but what’s important is that the emails are more than overt marketing material.

Think about it: Aren’t you excited when you get an excellent newsletter or email from a brand, a blogger, or a service provider? It’s great when the writer helps cut through all the noise on the internet and provides you with fascinating, relevant, timely, or even beautiful news, images, resources, or how-tos.

email marketing has the highest roi of any major marketing channel

It may seem counterintuitive that one of the oldest digital marketing channels still has the highest ROI, but it does make sense if you look at it in context.

Hear more. Unlike social media and organic search, email is not algorithm-based. That means that every email you send goes to your intended audience. Cool, right?

Automations and drip email campaigns

If someone signs up for your mailing list, they can have a newsletter or an ebook in seconds. We can also follow up on custom triggers, like cart abandonment. A robust email automation system can make all the difference, whether you want to send people a series of emails to explain your product or service, reach out to them when something goes wrong (like when a potential buyer abandons their cart), or send a series of special offers.

We’re like you

We’re not going to say that we love having 150 emails weighing down our inbox on a Monday morning, but we love getting an engaging, relevant, and inspiring email from a trusted source.

We love The Next Draft, The What List, and From The Desk of Daniel Pink. Technically, we should not send you off our website to sign up for someone else’s already awesome and successful newsletter, but you deserve the best.

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