Email marketing is a powerful tool for marketing and an important channel to put time and effort into. Although some people ask if email marketing is still relevant the truth is that if you use it the right way, it is definitely relevant and can lead to success.

One thing that makes email marketing attractive is that you can reach thousands of people! In 2021, more than 4 billion people use email. On top, of that, emails allow you to speak more directly to your audience. When you send an email, it goes directly to your customer’s inbox. When you post on social media, there is a chance lots of your followers won’t see it because of the way social algorithms work. 

Lastly, email works for both large and small businesses. One of the reasons for this is that you can send tons of different types of emails. Businesses can send email newsletters, automated emails, or transactional ones. many of your wildest ideas can be brought to life through email marketing campaigns.

One of the challenges of email marketing, as with any other marketing tactic that requires content creation, is coming up with content! In this blog, we will offer 20 email marketing ideas as well as best practices. 

Email Marketing Content Ideas:

  1. Content Roundup. Content roundups are perfect for busy weeks when you simply don’t have time to write new content. To be able to do this, you need to have content such as blog posts and freemium resources. All you have to do is go through your blog and choose some of your favorites or top-performing blogs and put that list in your newsletter. Make sure to include some information about each blog to draw people in. 
  2. Poll/Quiz. Polls or quizzes generate engagement. In this type of email, you could quiz people about recent events, industry news, industry skills, or whatever you want! For both polls and quizzes, the content ideas are endless. If you are a clothing company, you could poll people on their favorite style, for a marketing firm, your audiences’ favorite marketing tactic, or social media platform.

    What makes polls and quizzes especially attractive is the fact that they can generate new content. If you ask your audience about their favorite style of shirt and there is a clear winner, your next email could have advice for how to style that shirt. If you quiz your subscribers about marketing tactics, and you find there is one area they are unclear about, your net email can explain that tactic. 
  3. Product/Service Updates. Launching a new product or updating a service? Tell your subscribers! In this type of email, you can also include a discount code to help sales. 
  4. Company Updates. Company updates are similar to product/service updates and are a great way to build brand awareness. If you are opening a new store, updating your branding, have a new board member, let everyone know! This can build transparency and create a more personal relationship with your audience.
  5. Discounts. Everyone loves discounts, I know I do. And when I see an email from my favorite company offering a discount, I click!
  6. Tips. Tips and advice help position you as an industry leader and reliable source your audience can count on. Tips can be used for every industry. For example, an interior design company can send design tips. A law firm can send law advice, a marketing firm, marketing advice. I think you get the idea.  
  7. Games. Games mean fun and when scrolling through your email, an opportunity to have fun can be pretty appealing. Some game ideas include ideas for building a scavenger hunt or word searches related to your industry. You can do interactive games where the user can choose their path by choosing between options that lead to different results. Games can happen online in your email or you can offer game guidelines and resources to happen in the physical world. For example, a travel company could provide users with a map of their city with the activities highlighted for people to explore. 
  8. Tools/Resources. In every industry, there are certain tools or resources used to make life easier. By sharing them with your subscribers, you can make their life easier as well! 
  9. Team Spotlights. Introducing the members of your team builds trust and creates a more authentic and personal relationship. To do this, you can interview your team, or have them write a short introduction to who they are.
  10. Interviews. Interviews are similar to team spotlights but for this tactic, ask your team a specific question and gather their answers. Maybe it is about breaking industry news, or a business value. To see what that looks like, check out this blog. Of course, you can also interview people outside of work! 
  11. User-Generated Content. User-generated content is always a good idea. To get the content, you can ask people to do an interview, or have them share about an experience they have had with you. 
  12. Free Resources. Do you have a template for something that you use all the time? Maybe an editorial calendar? Send a free downloadable version in your newsletter as a present for your subscribers. 
  13. Videos. Opening a new shop? Taking on a new venture? Send your email list a video about what you are doing to bring your project to life.  
  14. Case Studies. Tell your audience why people like you. gIve them an honest view o what your customers think.  
  15. Breaking News. Whether it be company news or worldwide news, let people know what’s happening and what you think. If the news you are sharing is not company news, maybe it is local, global, or industry-specific, share your feedback and provide resources for your readers to learn more. 
  16. Holiday Themed Content.  There are seemingly endless ideas for holiday content. You can send a holiday-specific discount code, share your holiday tradition, or even rewrite your favorite holiday story
  17. DIY Advice. Most people love a good DIY activity. Since you know what you are doing, send your email list instructions about how to do something related to your industry that would benefit them. If you are in the industry, send them your favorite recipe or information about how to clean a cast-iron pan. 
  18. Industry Predictions. This type of content is not just for the financial world. Sharing industry predictions helps position you as industry leaders. 
  19. Myth Busting. Myths exist in every industry. Some people believe you cannot wear red with pink, some think consumers don’t purchase on mobile. Look for your top industry myths and break them down. 
  20. CEO Message. Connect with your audience by sending a message from your CEO. It could be a holiday message, or just an email from them to say thank you for supporting us. This type of email shows who you are and helps build a relationship with your audience. You can even invite people to ask your CEO questions and send a response to them individually.

And there you have it! The ideas above can be a great place to start your email marketing brainstorm. As you create your strategy and bring these ideas to life, keep in mind your email marketing goals.

Once you have a content idea fully throughout and planned, you need to write your content. To get your email subscribers to open your email and read your great content, you must draw them in with an excellent subject line and make sure the rest of the content lives up to their expectations. That means everything from your email subject line to calls to action should be well thought out.

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