Don’t say I never did anything for you! In this post you’ll learn about some of my personally favorite things and the difference they’ve made for me.

Five really awesome things that you either already know about, or should (in alphabetical order, for your viewing pleasure):

  • Character Counter. This handy little (free) online app automatically counts your work. It gives you your word count and your character count with and without spaces. Here’s the thing. I like the look and feel of this website and, naturally, it is super simple to use. But what if I could split the screen into multiples and get simultaneous counts for related texts? When character counts, use this product. But, if you come up with something even better, don’t fail to let me know because it can be my new favorite character thing.
  • Tweepi. Use this to grow your Twitter following and, man, is it super satisfying. It’s like shopping for friends! Plus, you can filter your lists so you only see the accounts that match your criteria. Unfollow in a flash — it’s fun.
  • Twitter Counter. Related to Tweepi, Twitter Counter lets you see the results of your work and even project into the future. This helps turn Twitter into gamification in a good way. The above two apps come in a freemium model so for a few bucks I’m sure they can do you even more good.
  • This I love. My personal inbox was totally out of control up until today (which inspired this little post), when I took the step of unsubscribing myself from no less than 122 subscriptions. Then, I was able to “roll up” all of my children’s school-related emails into one daily digest.
  • Quickbooks Online. The main reasons I like this software as a service are these: cloud-based and it makes invoicing people very easy. Let’s not remember that I double paid myself a whole bunch of times learning to use it and wondered why I was pinching pennies so hard when I was making so much money. Erm. LOL.

I don’t do this kind of app roundup/favorite things thing very often these days. If you have some productivity hacks that you think would really benefit my public, let me know and pronto!

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