A global pandemic is something no one saw coming, but for recent college graduates, COVID-19 has made our transition into the workforce a little more difficult. Normally, this process might have been a little easier and more exciting because there would be in-person interviews and more companies hiring. However, due to COVID-19, a lot of companies are on a hiring freeze or they are just not hiring anyone right now.

My Story as a College Graduate Looking for a Job

As a recent graduate from Fresno State, and as a student who is starting grad school in January, I have been on the job hunt for a couple months now.  I quickly realized that a lot of companies may still have jobs posted, but that doesn’t mean the jobs are actually available. When I went to submit my application for the listing, I would sometimes receive an email a couple days later saying the company is on a hiring freeze, or that the job is no longer needed.

I have spent hours on job sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Chegg, and have sent numerous emails to different companies asking if they are hiring or looking for an intern. I have many other friends who have been doing the same thing. This job search is harder for me too because my career path does not involve agriculture. I live in California’s Central Valley which is surrounded by agriculture, and almost every family has a farmer or two—which means that most of the job opportunities near me are in the agricultural field. 

Job Frustrations and Insights

I have a friend who found a job before graduation because he is working in agriculture. However, a lot of my friends who do not want to work in agriculture are out of a job and cannot find a company that is hiring. It is frustrating to think of all the hard work I have put into earning my degree and how I cannot even find a job after receiving my diploma. It gets to a point where I want to give up because it seems like I have applied for every job that I am qualified for. I never thought that I would be unemployed and struggling to find a job right after graduation. I am still applying for every job I can find that I am qualified for and that I find interesting. Whether or not I hear back from any of the companies I have applied to, I have gained a lot of experience when it comes to job applications and the job hunt. 

Tips For Finding a Job During COVID-19

During my job search I have learned a few tips and tricks of what works and what doesn’t. 

  1. Look on LinkedIn. When searching  for an entry-level position, you might not find a lot of opportunities on LinkedIn. However, it is a good way to see which companies are hiring and you can use the company’s  LinkedIn profile to learn more about their business. From there, you can email the hiring manager or contact the company directly to see if any positions are available.
  2. Cold emails and cold calling. Emailing the company directly has given me the most traffic when it comes to connecting with potential employers. By contacting the company, you demonstrate how you’re willing to go the extra mile since you had to research the hiring manager’s email in order to email the person directly. Calling the company is also a good idea because they can put a voice with the name, and your added efforts show the company you want the job even more.
  3. Google Maps. Yes, it may sound weird, but I have found so many companies on Google Maps that I did not know even existed. Find whatever city you are looking to work in on Google Maps and zoom in so you can see the businesses’ names. Then, just scroll around the city and click on any businesses that interest you. When you click on the business’s name, Google will give you their basic information, including  their website. You can use the website information to navigate to the business’s “Careers” and “Contact Us” pages.

Google Maps is actually how I found Colibri Digital Marketing. I was looking for a marketing internship in San Francisco for the summer and I used Google Maps and Google to search for different digital marketing companies when Colibri Digital Marketing popped up. I sent our CEO, Anna Colibri, an email and I am now a digital marketing intern for the summer. 

During my job search I have also discovered specific sectors that are hiring.  Those sectors are tech, medicine, and research. There is also a significant amount of marketing that is hiring due to the fact that businesses are having to redesign their marketing efforts to comply with the changing guidelines. If you are looking for a job currently, I would advise you look into these sectors to try and find a job. 


My story is a lesson learned that you never know what will happen and what your situation will be even though you think you have it all planned out. My career has definitely not gone the way I was expecting it to go, but this is my reality and I have to learn to adjust to the current situation.  The Class of 2020 has a very special story and experience that no other class will have. 

Even though I am graduating college, I will never stop learning, especially when it comes to marketing. If you want to learn more about Colibri Digital Marketing, and their helpful digital marketing techniques, reach out for a 30-minute complimentary digital marketing strategy session!

About Claire Kasaian

I am an upcoming graduate at Fresno State, majoring in Business Administration with an option in Marketing. In January, I will be  starting the MBA program at FIDM. My goal is to get into the fashion industry and work in marketing!