When you think of Colibri Digital Marketing, you can’t help but think about women empowerment and the #GirlBoss mindset – especially this month! The women in charge of positioning brands and improving their presence online had two major achievements that speak for themselves. For one, Colibri Digital Marketing’s CEO, Anna Colibri, has been invited to Eileen Fisher’s inaugural B Corp Women’s CEO gathering, a space that will celebrate women’s leadership and support. And because the good news is better when paired, Jasmine Cabanaw, the agency’s COO, has been invited to present a Marketing Automation Session at the SMPS Boot Camp.


Representing Digital Marketing at the B Corp Women’s CEO Gathering

This year’s B Corp Women’s CEO gathering will take place at the Eileen Fisher Learning Lab in New York City on April 19th. At this event, more than 75 women will discuss, create, and launch a new movement. One that will change the landscape they live in with the mission to have the highest and greatest possible impact in their communities. Each woman will talk about their biggest concerns and propose solutions to them. Anna Colibri is set on advocating for equal pay, a cause very close to her heart that she has always defended, and plans to find new ways to support her fellow women in business.

As the representative of Colibri Digital Marketing, Anna Colibri will be the agency’s voice, a leader in forward-thinking digital marketing who reflects the ever-growing need for business leadership that promotes and defends the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit. On this retreat, Anna and the CEOs of different B Corp companies will finally stand together and move the needle to force a positive change — one that isn’t possible to achieve when standing alone. #GirlBoss!

Presenting at the SMPS Digital Marketing Bootcamp

A Digital Marketing Bootcamp is an incredible way to learn how to boost your brand’s presence on the web, even more so if it is organized by the Society of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS). That’s why it is an honor to present at this special event. Jasmine Cabanaw – digital marketing maven, COO of Colibri Digital Marketing, award-winning writer, and founder of Green Bamboo Publishing – has been chosen to be the speaker in the breakout session: Marketing Automation 101.

In this session, she will teach attendants how marketing automation works and how it can help your content marketing strategy and its components. Jasmine will deliver first-hand her insights, tools, and techniques for planning and delivering strategies that get results.

Who Runs the World? Girls!

With these two major milestones achieved by the women in charge of Colibri Digital Marketing, the agency reaffirms it is run by #GirlBosses that excel not only in their jobs but also because of their values. They’ve become the true example of empowered women and a real motivation to other women in the world that wish to accomplish their goals.

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