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Shelton Johnson, Author, National Park Ranger, Actor, and Activist with Barack Obama

Good Books to Read for Business & Pleasure * June 2014

This June, it’s mostly about summertime.

I don’t like to be a grinch but, realistically, when it’s summertime the livin isn’t easy for those with school aged children, at least for your average urban (single) working parent. Nope. The children can’t just roam the streets for fear of speeding cars, molesters, and gang violence. Instead, especially if you have bright and beautiful children who make Little League All-Star teams and for some reason want to go summer school, summer is h-e-c-t-i-c. I call this Schlep City and it’s not for whimps.

As my younger son so sagely pointed out, “Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.” I guess that’s via OneRepublic.

Yes, well, summertime is just one more reason books are gift to the contemporary age. When the going gets rough, the tough can definitely curl up in bed with a classic.

Here’s what I’ve been reading:

Good Books to Read


Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin.

I recently started working on a very exciting project called Real Money. I’ll be giving you updates as the project, due to be launched September 16, 2014, progresses. In the meantime, read the book (written in the 70s) upon which Real Money is based. You’ll be inspired by Joe Dominguez’s life and his vision of a less money-dependent society.

If you would like to have this book for your very own, purchase Your Money or Your Life at the Anna Colibri Amazon shop.


Gloryland by Shelton Johnson.

Shelton Johnson is one of those people who moves me and inspires me to do more and better, despite the fact that I have never met him. I learned about his work as an author, ranger, and advocate for African American connection to nature on a recent visit to Yosemite.

As part of a career dedicated to nature and national park service, Shelton Johnson was inspired to write Gloryland. The book is about an African American sharecropper who is required to leave his Southern family because of his drive to live as a man instead of as a “n*****”, a drive which, tragically, jeopardizes the whole family.

The book on one level shares an important part of US history and on another, perhaps more important, level helps readers (certainly white readers but maybe young black readers as well) get into the head and heart of a black man born on January 1, 1863 — the day Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation.

If you would like to have this book for your very own, purchase Gloryland at the Anna Colibri Amazon shop.


Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Anne of Green Gables is one of my childhood favorites. I may be repeating myself, but it is really fun to reread cherished childhood books with your own kids. In my case, it gives me insight into ideas learned early that helped form who I am today. I hadn’t stopped to wonder why I prefer Anne with an “e” to Ann without an “e,” but two chapters into this little gem, I have a pretty good idea. The truth is, literature is a powerful force, especially when it comes to fresh minds. Now, if you follow the link above, you can have the whole eBook for free, courtesy of This book is, truly, priceless!

If you would like to have this book for your very own, purchase Anne of Green Gables at the Anna Colibri Amazon shop.

Three great books to help you get through summer! Enjoy!

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