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Good Books to Read for Business & Pleasure * June 2015

A Random Assortment of Books That Aren’t That Bad

I am sad to say that I have not read many books lately that truly wowed me. I’m sure this happens from tim-to-time in the life of every avid reader. Lately, I’ve been focusing on magazines.

I used to be a magazine addict, but I lost interest in them when I started working full time. Now, as a digital marketer, I think it is important to stay up on the latest news and popular culture. Magazines help inspire blog-style writing. I absolutely adore The Atlantic Monthly. Other go-to’s include: Vanity Fair, More, and Yoga Journal.

Books, though, are the subject of this series. Let’s look forward to the July edition of Good Books to Read and hope to get back to wow.


The Grammar Bible by Michael Strumpf and Auriel Douglas.

Written by the creator of the National Grammar Hot Line ((805) 378-1494, FYI) and an equally social media shy co-author named Auriel Douglas, this book is a–surprise, surprise–contemporary guide to grammar. I find it difficult to find the information I want in grammar books, and this book is no exception. It’s not at all a bad book, but it did not, as I say, wow me.


Spinster by Meg Wolitzer.

Spinster addresses the fear some of us have that we will die alone and unloved eating cat food from a can. I came to terms with that fear, mostly by accident, when I mentioned to a friend that I feared dying alone and unloved eating cat food and he asked–before I finished my sentence–whether it would be wet or dry. That moment caused an epiphany. I had never considered anything but wet food! Once I broke out of the cat food from a can construct, I realized that, for all I knew, McDonald’s would be cheaper and that being “alone” is a choice.

I digress. Kind of. If you find yourself alone in midlife and you are a woman, Spinster is worth a read. You will at times be inspired, and that will be enough to help you draw your own conclusions about what it means for you to be a single woman. My personal feeling is that, if being married is important to you, it’s achievable. What’s most important, though, it is to live a life you love, even if it doesn’t look like what you had imagined.


Legend by Marie Lu.

Lately I’ve been having trouble finding books I enjoy that my children enjoy as well. I needed a break from dystopian youth novel series, and now that break is over. I’m glad! Fluffy and violent though this book may be, it has atmosphere and I found myself becoming emotionally involved with the two main characters. strong>Legend is basically a futuristic Robin Hood story, with an added twist that you feel sympathy for the “enemy.”

Marie Lu, the author, seems to be a digital native, and knows how to meet her audience where they are, which, from both a fellow writer and a digital marketing perspective, I find quite interesting. It seems that Marie Lu is creating loyal fans in a way that is as contemporary as her books. You can check her out on Tumblr.

This best seller is worth a look if you have tweens.

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