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With Johnnie Walker Red We Stay on Theme

Good Books To Read For Business & Pleasure * March 2014

This March, it’s all about color.

I love building a theme, and this month’s theme is color. March is famous for green and, I guess, depending on your politics, orange. I, however, will focus on red.

Okay, friends, here’s the latest and greatest:

Recent Reads


The Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness by Jeffrey Gitomer.

Jeffrey Gitomer’s mantra is: “People don’t like to be sold but they love to buy.” How true! Jeffrey is a consummate salesperson and this book provides a wealth of tips and tough love motivation. In addition to everything he offers in the books, there are links to tons and tons of free extra information found on his websites. The book is a deceptively quick read because, as Jeffrey points out, real success comes from applying his tips.

Interestingly, part of the reason I enjoyed the book is its cover. The books is small, covered in red cloth, and has a vintage feel I appreciate. The cartoons on the inside are a little less inspiring, but the book is so no nonsense that Gitomer kept the confidence the cover inspired all the way through — despite the little voice in my head that keeps whispering its ongoing resistance to the idea of selling. On a rational level I understand and accept the purpose and value of selling, but that little voice just keeps saying “No.”

That said, one of my professional, and even personal, goals for 2014 is to become a better salesperson. The thing is, it’s not rocket science. Selling is a skill that can be learned, but it is also an attitude. You have to believe in what you do and find your own selling voice. The Little Red Book of Selling is a step in that direction.

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Color by Victoria Finlay.

Confession: I love color. I love color, shiny things, textiles, and light and shadow. As well as trees. Pleasure life is made up, primarily, of the senses, while business life is made up primarily of the intellect. I ask you, what color is the intellect? How does reason smell? Where is the sensory gratification in a line of code? These are real questions. I’m being sincere when I ask them, despite the possibility that they sound rhetorical. Since so much work is done with the head, I always want to know how to accommodate the heart.

Even as I’m writing, there are birds zipping outside my window who are joyfully distracting me. Okay, I admit it. They are not distracting me — they are just going about their own soft, feathery, high-speed, and sensuous (love that word!) business. They make me laugh, though, and remind me of my body and my senses, including my sense of color.

Read Color for a romp that is both intellectually and esthetically gratifying. The books was given to me by a business associate, hinting at ways one actually can mix pleasure with business.

Did you know? Red lipstick is made with insect blood. To get the whole story, read Color.

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The Serpent’s Shadow by Rick Riordan.

The Serpent’s Shadow follows my red theme because the first book in the Kane Chronicles was called The Red Pyramid. As far as the Children’s Horror Genre goes, this series, as I have noted, is about in the middle. This whole series, and Riordan’s work as a whole, is neither the least nor the most inappropriate, well-written or meaningful. I read these books because my children enjoy them and I enjoy my children’s enjoyment. And, to be fair, now that my older son is a teen, I’m happy the teen characters touch on teen issues because those moments give me an entrée to say, “Hey, if you ever feel like discussing x, y, or z — I’m here for you.

If you would like to have this book for your very own, purchase The Serpent’s Shadow at the Anna Colibri Amazon shop.

If you know of any truly well-written or compelling children’s literature, please let me know. I’m on the lookout — always!

{Image credit: Published in Ebony, August 1964 – Vol 19, No. 10}

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