The global economy has experienced an economic hit of a lifetime since the start of the pandemic. With hundreds of companies shutting down temporarily and permanently, markets around the entire globe have been affected. Hiring new staff during this time is tough, and for many companies, it’s out of the question. But for some companies, it’s hard to know if hiring right now is the correct decision to make. Let’s look at some factors to help you decide if it’s a good choice to hire right now. 

Hiring Employees During Covid

This pandemic has had a different impact on every industry and company. For example, women-owned small businesses are being hurt the most, not dependent on their industry. In terms of industry, the hospitality industry is being hit the hardest. Thus, the decision to hire new staff is subjective to each company. But if you are still under the dilemma as to whether you should hire staff during this crises or not, then read the tips below for more clarity: 

Consider the Workload of Your Existing Staff 

Look at how busy your existing staff is. Has the quality of their work been dropping lately? Is it a phase or has it been happening for a while?

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Review Your Finances 

The first question, which is quite obvious enough,  concerns the financial capacity of your company. First, assess the situation properly and understand if you really have a need for new staff. Then, ask yourself if you can wait until the company stabilizes to hire. Is the need to hire new staff more vital than your budget right now? If relevant, you might be able to make a better decision after getting your current staff’s payroll distribution reports from the company that handles your payroll outsourcing services

Decide if You Have the Management Capabilities 

During the pandemic, the need for social distancing can’t be ignored, so you’ll need a good amount of space to safely fit the workers you call in to work. Will you be able to manage the space in compliance with social distancing guidelines? If not, you’ll have to think in terms of remote workers. That will come with its own challenges, as managing a remote workforce is an entirely different and tough task. Honestly, ask yourself if your company is able to fit or manage more in-person or remote staff. 

Assess Your Current Staff Situation

The matter of hiring new staff also gets impacted by the current situation of employees. If your present staff can’t cope with working virtually, or if you have lost some of your employees due to COVID-19,  these factors will influence your decision and urgency to hire new staff.

Remember, don’t let that sense of urgency get in the way of compassion. Hiring new people isn’t always necessarily a quick fix to a problem. Focus on supporting your current employees first with appreciation and care. If supporting them means hiring someone new to divide the workload, that’s when you know it is in your business’s best interest to hire someone.

If there is an urgency to hire, one should still be thoughtful in the hiring process despite the urgency.

Consider the Changes to the Type of Staff You Need Due to Covid

The need to hire new staff may also be due to the giant revolution in the market. Nowadays, customers prefer spending their money on sanitization and medical products more than luxurious items, which may affect the type of staff you should consider hiring. For example, a company may need to hire more delivery staff since most people are looking to get things delivered instead of hiring in-store staff.  Because of the pandemic-induced changes, who you need to prioritize when hiring may be different than usual, so make sure to take that into account. 

Be Honest

Be honest with yourself about your company’s situation. It might be bleak to face certain realities, but disillusioning yourself will do more harm than good.


The dilemma of hiring during the pandemic is a bit tricky, so it makes sense to be conflicted about whether it’s wise to hire new staff. Remember, as long as you’re able to manage new staff well and have the need and resources to afford new staff, the decision to hire will be beneficial. Just make sure to review your needs and weigh the pros and cons before making any decisions. 

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