Marketing is all about reaching people. You have to be able to contact and connect with your audience to get results. There are many proven ways to contact your audiences, such as ads, email marketing, and social media. Once you’ve reached them, you need to form a relationship, otherwise, you lose them. So how do you do that? Have you considered a Hispanic marketing agency?

There are lots of ways to connect, but before you can start using different tactics, you need to understand your audience. If your audience is different than you, it can be hard to put yourself in their shoes. That’s when you need to turn to people who fit their shoes a bit better than you. In this blog, we are exploring what that means and why it matters. 

The Platinum Rule and Digital Marketing

We all know the golden rule, treat others how you wish to be treated. But have you heard of the platinum rule? Treat others the way they would like to be treated. At Colibri, we believe in living and working by the platinum rule. 

Living by this idea can drastically improve your relationships. Think about it. If you have a friend who dislikes being hugged as a greeting, but you love it, embracing them and following the golden rule is not the right choice. But following the platinum rule and not hugging them will improve the relationship.

The same goes for marketing. Let’s say you are a business coach and a part of your audience speaks English but are native Spanish speakers; targeting them with an ad in English works, but an advertisement in Spanish would draw them in more. This is what we at Colibri implement in our work. We look to see what the native language is of the audience and base our work on that. There might be the same amount of native English and Spanish speakers in some cases, and this is when we transcreate our work into both languages.

Why? Because you are building a deeper connection. Speaking to someone in their native tongue builds trust, precisely what you want to have with your audience. So, when you want to connect to a part of your audience or reach a new audience that is not similar to you, working with a firm that understands them will help you drive your message effectively, and it will help you reach more people. Let’s look back at that business coach from earlier. To reach the Spanish-speaking audience, they need to work with a Hispanic marketing agency. They will ensure you can reach as many people as possible in their native language and provide all of your marketing insights.

Colibri Digital Marketing is a Half Hispanic Marketing Agency!

Half of #TeamColibri are native Spanish speakers, and it has always been a dream of ours to work with Spanish-speaking clients. And guess what? We are making it happen! Click here to learn more.

Bonus Content!

Below, we’ve outlined our top tips for connecting with your audience to get you started!

Top Tips to Connect with Your Audience

  1. Work with a firm like your audience. You knew that was coming. But, we do believe in this. One of our clients sells products for men. Since most of #TeamColibri are women, we turned to the men on our team and the men we know outside of our team for advice. When looking over the client’s brand messaging with them, they offered great insights, and we could connect the brand with its audience better.
  2. Tell a story. Storytelling is a powerful way to connect with your audience because of its personal feel. It builds an authentic relationship.
  3. Be friendly. Using a warm and inviting voice will help your audience feel more comfortable.
  4. Provide the right content. Your audience wants relatable content. When writing content, you need to ask yourself if your audience can relate. If they are in a different part of the world, the chances are that their culture is distinct too. So, you need to keep that in mind.


Building relationships with your clients and customers requires research. You have no say in how they wish to be spoken to, and show them that you understand who they are. 

We are San Francisco’s only B Corp-certified Digital Marketing agency. We’re here to help you improve your digital marketing skills (or build new ones!) to reach the people in your area and worldwide. Next to this, we are also a Hispanic marketing agency and can help you get as many people as possible in English and Spanish through transcreation. We love connecting with many clients and using our bilingual status to aid organizations that want to cause real change. Our hope is that our clients feel that their aspirations and ideas can come to life, and we want to support our Hispanic clients in the process with our diversity and empathy. We can help you with:

  • Full-service marketing translation.
  • English to Spanish.
  • Spanish to English.
  • Website content translation.
  • Social media translation.
  • Digital and social ads translation.
  • Brochures and Internal communications.
  • Creative; graphic design, illustration, and video.

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