Everyone wants to do what you love and love what you do because having a passion for your work leads to greater success. But, no matter what job you have, there are always tasks you don’t enjoy. Starting, and finishing, those tasks are never easy but have to get done in order to be productive. So how do you find joy in the task you dislike? Below, are Colibri’s top tips for finding meaning and completing the tasks you dread.

Swallow Your Frogs In the Morning

By that, I mean get the hardest task or the task that kept you up at night in dread, done first thing in the morning. Getting it done first things means the rest of your day can have more joy because you don’t have to worry about it throughout your day.

Reward Yourself

Just as it is vital to take breaks throughout the day, it is crucial to add in rewards for yourself. Your reward could be something as simple as going on a walk once you complete your challenging task. Or, if treats are more your thing, drinking a cup of tea and eating a cookie. Having something to look forward to is a great way to motivate yourself to get to work and get your work done!

Find Meaning

Finding meaning in my tasks makes them doable, whether I love the task or not. It does not necessarily make the task I dislike enjoyable, but it reminds me why I need to do them. Every task has a purpose and so remember ing that purpose and your role will motivate you. To find meaning in your tasks, ask yourself “what does this achieve?” Some tasks may bring joy to your clients, help them succeed, and therefore helps you succeed. Some tasks may help your team members or make your future work easier.

For example, time tracking is a hassle and something few people enjoy, but it serves a purpose. Tracking your time improves efficiency and helps your team function better. This idea doesn’t just apply to work. If you hate doing the dishes, remember that doing the dishes means you will have a clean kitchen.

Turn Hard Tasks Into Mindfulness Moments

Understanding why a task is a challenge for you will help you complete it, especially if you have to do it again in the future. Knowing what roadblocks you face make finding a solution much easier than going in unaware. As you work on a challenging task, take a moment to reflect on and observe your feelings.

Acknowledge That Some Things Are More Fun Than Others

Not everything in life is sunshine and lollipops. Acknowledging that the task you have to do is hard will help you jump the hurdle that’s holding you back. Most people face challenges when starting a hard task so before you begin, remember that it will be hard but rewarding.

Consider the End Result

Overcoming a challenge or marking something off your to-do list, improves your wellbeing. Spending all day worrying about a task you need to complete impacts your performance and focus. Completing something hard gives you freedom and a sense of wellbeing. For example, trying to create a strategy well thinking about that interview you have to transcribe will certainly hurt your performance. Work on your transcription first will allow you to put all your focus into your strategy and other tasks.


No matter how much you love your work, there will be things you don’t want to do or tasks you put off for as long as possible. Avoiding the things you dread and letting them pile up can lead to burnout. Getting down to business and completing bad tasks first, will give you the freedom to do more things you love.

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