Are you wondering how to increase your Instagram followers? In the last couple of years, Instagram has become an important tool to boost your brand’s online presence. With over 800 million monthly active users and 500 million daily active users, the social media platform has earned its spot as one of the most used to reach the target market and increase engagement.

When talking in Instagram terms, your followers are your community – and as a brand, you want your community to constantly return to you. You want a community that interacts with your posts, shares their thoughts, promotes your products, and always exchanges information with you.

How to Increase Your Instagram Followers.

Learn How to Increase Your Instagram Followers

To help you grow your community, we have gathered and shared our top-performing tips as one of San Francisco’s best digital marketing agencies.

These strategies will help you grow your Instagram account:

Create an Instagram hashtag strategy

Use optimized hashtags in your posts. Check hashtags over the app, and see how many posts they have and how relevant they are. Use around 10 hashtags, and alternate them depending on the type of content you’re publishing. Hashtags should go on the post’s caption, separated by bullet points. It is best to use as many relevant hashtags as you can without making your post look too spammy by including hashtags that are repetitive. A note of warning: Instagram penalizes users who use the same non-relevant hashtags repeatedly by not showing your content under the hashtags you use.

Run an Instagram contest or giveaway that helps you capture new followers

If you can use on-site and in-store marketing to try to increase social media followers, that would be great! On-site marketing refers to all efforts made on your brand’s website — you can promote social media contests, have offered to social media followers, and similar strategies. You can also do these types of efforts inside your store — you can promote social media interactions by giving discounts to people that follow your brand, gifts to those that publish pictures inside your store using your location, award reviews with discounts or other offers, etc.

Use Instagram Stories Highlights to showcase your products

Having attractive content in your Highlights will help you convert visitors into followers. Think about it; it’s the first thing people will see in your profile – just after your bio. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to show them how fantastic you are!

Use locations on your posts

Use your location when you publish. This will help increase your account’s exposure.

Also, use location and hashtags on your stories. This is particularly helpful at events because it will allow you to increase your exposure to those audiences.

A third-party tool can increase your followers

There are apps that allow you to follow, comment, and like other people’s posts in a way that is automated. The main trick when using these tools is to monitor them to make sure you are following accounts that are relevant to your brand.


Even a small budget of $3-$10/day will help you reach new audiences.

Interact with potential customers, current customers, and strategic partners

Be social! The more you engage with people, the more they will engage with you.

Content is Queen

Your efforts will be moot if you do not provide quality content. Dynamic visuals, interesting copywriting, and useful information are what attract people the most.

Following these tips will guarantee the growth of your brand’s Instagram community in a short time. And if you’re still doubtful about introducing your brand to the Instagram world, the community growth will also bring you benefits off the platform. It’s the perfect way to drive traffic to your own website, validate your business’ authority, and even generate content that you wouldn’t have otherwise. User-generated content doesn’t only look good for your brand, but it also converts better as it is more trustworthy than branded images.

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