Anyone with a newsletter knows that the hardest part is keeping your mailing list interested in your newsletter. Because customers are swamped with emails from their workplace, companies they buy from, and other newsletters they subscribe to, making your email stand out is a tough job. While this is the most difficult part of customer interaction, it is also one of the most necessary. If you’re struggling to not only maintain your newsletter subscribers but also grow your list, keep reading!

Source: Photo by Stephen Phillips – on Unsplash

3 Ways to Keep Your Mailing List Engaged

Host Giveaways

The easiest and most effective way to gain traction on your newsletter is by hosting weekly giveaways. This is a fun, attention-grabbing way of getting readers to open your newsletter and keep them coming back. Hosting weekly or monthly giveaways will give your subscribers an incentive to keep reading your newsletters, as they will potentially receive free products of their liking. 

There are many different types of giveaways you can host. One idea is to have people engage with your email and pick a random winner to give a prize to. That could look like asking people to take a survey and then from those who take the survey, you can select a winner to give a prize to.   

Provide Free Resources

Everyone loves a freebie! There are many different types of resources you can send to your subscribers to keep them engaged. You can offer a downloadable guide or worksheet that relates to your business, or something more lighthearted, like a beautiful screen saver. 

When choosing what free resource to offer, work backward from your subscriber’s challenges. Ask yourself, “why did they sign up for our newsletter and what information do they want to get from us?” A clothing company’s subscribers may have signed up for fashion tips, whereas a digital marketing firm’s subscriber, may have signed up to hear about Google algorithm updates and digital marketing trends. 

 Create Targeted Emails 

Using AI and targeting your emails to a particular demographic can help keep viewers engaged and interested in your emails. A successful newsletter includes information that appeals to your buyer personas and will keep them hooked. An easy way to do this would be to find out the top three demographics that read your newsletter and make three different email templates for them. Segmenting your subscribers like this will ensure that you send them the information they want.  


And there we have it, our three most important and effective tips to remember when trying to maintain and grow your subscriber base. The takeaway here is that you must give subscribers an incentive to read and give them the information they want.

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