A Facebook real estate page is a social media page wherein you can interact and engage with your page followers and potential clients. This page can help you attract potential buyers and can give you a boost in exposure to potential customers. A lot of Facebook pages, however, are not utilized properly. Simply having a page is not good enough. Nowadays, social media is one of the most active forms of media in the world. You can easily reach out to thousands or even millions of people in any part of the world, so it is important to maximize your earning potential on Facebook. Here is a guide on how to make a successful Facebook real estate page.

real estate facebook page

Create a Personal Facebook Account

A private Facebook account is necessary to create a Facebook page for your business. Most realtors, as well as most people, are already on Facebook. On your personal accounts, you may occasionally post listings for your real estate business, but its main purpose is to share your milestones and successes with your family and friends. Creating a division between your personal posts and business posts is essential so it is necessary to create a professional Facebook page. You wouldn’t want potential buyers to see your rants about the government or your critiques of a specific sports team, but this is a double-edged sword. Some potential buyers might have the same interests as you. Either way, it is best you avoid the risk of losing followers and potential clients.

A Facebook real estate page can also inform you about what your followers want. Facebook provides tools that help any Facebook business access and analyze its page analytics. You would be able to see the number of engagements your posts receive and access a list of your followers.

How To Create a Facebook Real Estate Page

Create a Facebook Page

After creating your personal Facebook account, it is time to create your Facebook page. You can start on the Facebook homepage by clicking “Create a page for celebrity, band, or business.” You will then have to choose between “business or brand” and “community or public figure.” Both choices have different page tools to help you get more followers and engagements. You should choose “business or brand” for your real estate business. By creating a “business or brand” page, you will be able to access maps and create local advertising to easily reach potential local buyers.

Input Essential Information about your Business

Entering your business’s information is necessary for both Facebook and your followers to know how to contact you. You can enter your website, contact number, address, and other details. It is essential to keep your information updated on your Facebook real estate page: it is off-putting to see outdated or incorrect information on your pages. Miami Beach Social Marketing has found that people don’t want to follow a page with obsolete or no information at all.

Use Profile and Cover Photos to Make an Impression

Always remember that in any business, it is essential to make a great first impression. Your profile picture should either be your professional headshot or your brand logo. This is very important. Your profile picture will be attached to all your posts and comments. People will see this all the time when they follow your page Another photo that will frequently be seen by your followers every time they visit your page is your cover photo, so it is essential to use a memorable one. As a member of the real estate business, you can use a great picture of your community or houses for sale. Anything that a follower sees on your page should make an excellent impression to entice them to visit it again.

Always Engage with your Followers

People like to feel appreciated. Whenever a person comments on your post, leave a reply or a “like” to let them know that you are listening to them. Always be on the lookout for notifications about your page so that you can answer people promptly. People do not like to be kept waiting, and if you do not answer their query, other pages might. Remember, every follower is a potential buyer so give them your time and attention.

Post Regularly

In relation to always engaging with your followers, it is also important to post regularly. People will lose interest in a page that only posts once a week. Post new content as much as possible and incorporate current events to keep it interesting for your viewers. People enjoy discussing daily developments in the news, which will help you get more engagement on your post.

Use Facebook Insights

The great thing about choosing Facebook as a platform for your business is that they give you important and helpful analytical tools such as Insights. Facebook Insights does just what the name alludes to—it gives Facebook page managers insight into their page. It tells you who your new followers are and what their levels of engagement or interaction with your page look like. Using this tool, you can understand which posts are most effective and pinpoint exactly why that is.


Even though almost every business has a Facebook page, not everyone knows how to maximize the benefits that it can bring. Simply having a page is not good enough. Keep in mind that it should have positive results. If you are not getting clients from your page, you might be using it incorrectly. If you rethink your strategy using the tips above, you will find yourself in a much better place to gain customers.

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