With COVID-19 affecting the world, several millions of people are surfing on social networks to stay updated on news from their friends, a new store in town, or to find entertaining  videos. A Facebook, or an Instagram, page is the first impression your business will give your visitors. It is essential to highlight your business to attract and  keep them on the page to read your content.

5 Tips to Create a Facebook Strategy

Here are some tips and tricks to optimize Facebook for your business.

Set Up and Optimize Your Profile

Never forget to put a profile picture! Obviously, the choice is strategic, and everything is done to attract visitors to your page. Select a profile and cover photo that aligns with  the company’s mission statement and brand.  If you support an action or a movement, do not hesitate to highlight it so that visitors are  attracted and want to discover more about your business. 

 Whatever industry your company is in,  you should always add a call-to-action button.  Thanks to this button, visitors can directly access your website, booking calendar, or wherever you want them to go with a single click. Don’t forget to also add a messenger button so visitors can  easily contact you for any additional information. 

Create an Editorial Calendar and a Facebook Strategy

Like your purse or your workday, you need to be organized. It is important to plan your marketing goals and Facebook strategy in advance. Creating a schedule for the next few weeks or months will help you to better manage your time.  To do this, use a spreadsheet or a tool that allows you to write your publications in advance.   If you have too much work to do and can’t find the time to post on the scheduled date, just copy and paste your text before publishing it. 

Do you want to wake up at 8:00 am on Sunday and post content on your Facebook page? Maybe not. Use social media management tools to  help create an  editorial calendar. Management tools  manage all publications, stories, and content  so that  you can clearly see and plan your posts in advance. They can help you schedule and post 10 publications at different times and different days if you want.

Keep in mind that your Facebook strategy will  change with the evolution of society.  Be prepared to quickly adapt to different strategies as new topics and trends appear. 

Post and Optimize your Facebook

 Add value to your publications by including these optimization strategies:

  • Add images/videos 
  • Stream  a live video 
  • Tag friends or businesses in your posts
  • Encourage others to check in to your business 

This will add more attractive content to  your publications for your followers or visitors. Never forget that your posts should be visually appealing to attract your visitors.

Create and Optimize a Facebook Group

The first thing to do is to name your Facebook group and understand clearly what your group is about.  Today, there are a lot of groups for different subjects and interests. Write a short description in your Facebook group to help visitors understand  more about your group. Then, promote your group  to have a better chance of reaching  new members. Of course, you will have to know how to target and advertise to the right audience   To do so, understand who your followers are and what they are looking for. 

Track Your Performance With KPIs 

Generally, we want to learn more about our followers and what they want. Gain that understanding by setting up KPIs  to analyze  and measure how well your audience is responding to  your publications or content. Some useful metrics include:  

  • Reach:  How many people viewed your published content ? Experiment by posting about different kinds of topics. Then, you can compare and see which publications performed  the best.  Update your marketing strategy to reach more people based on your results.
  • Video engagement: If you use video on Facebook, it could be interesting to see  how many visitors watch  your videos and what topics get the most views. 
  • Engagement rate: Do people like photos or videos more? Thanks to your KPI, you can figure out  the percentage of people who interacted with your  posts in the form of likes, shares, and comments.  
  • Number of followers: Add more videos, or live videos, to grow  a diverse  community.  Invite people to like your Facebook  page or do anything else would be interested to continue on the same way.

Linking your KPIs to your Facebook strategy will immediately sharpen your page’s focus and make the relevant KPIs more obvious.

Facebook Best Practices

It is important to create short posts with highlighted words or emojis to quickly catch the visitor’s eye. Visuals are very useful because a person only spends a  few seconds on a page before moving on to another one.

Pay attention to your Facebook analytics. Understanding your analytics  will  help you to continuously apply your strategy well. At any time, you must be able to adapt your strategy so that you don’t lose followers or potential customers. 

Post frequently to keep your news feed active. This will  attract followers to keep at the top of the page your Facebook profile and not your competitor. Don’t forget your current followers! When  you post content on social media,  users will be more likely to recognize your page, click on your  profile, order a product, or request your services– all because he saw  your profile in the news feed consistently.

Keep in mind all of these tips to optimize your profile.


Knowing how to optimize your Facebook page  is important for your business.  Social networks are widely used to promote brands and their values to a larger audience. By targeting the right audience, you can work to increase the numbers of followers on your page and  drive potential customers towards  your website. Knowing your audience will allow you to accomplish your goal  while having the flexibility  to adapt a different strategy  when necessary.

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