A Facebook giveaway can help grow your business in many ways, but the question of how to run a facebook giveaway is hard to answer. Don’t worry, we’ve got the answer in this blog. But first, why should you run a giveaway? 

Giveaways build trust, boost engagement, and help steer your business in the direction you want it to go. They give direction because they can open a line of communication between the audience and the business which often can give a revamped sense of purpose and direction. While giveaways are often successful, there are many ways they could go wrong and not reach their full potential.

How to Run a Facebook Giveaway

Here are four things you should keep in mind when starting a Facebook giveaway.

Know Your Audience

No one knows your audience and your customers like you do. Making sure the giveaway is customized to them is important. The prize should be something they would want and would be willing to work for instead of just buying it. Similarly, the size of the price can also bring in or push away potential participants.

Another aspect that is dependent on your audience is the task they have to do to win. It should not be so difficult that they feel that they are hunting down stolen treasure. It should also not be too easy. The key to success is balance.


A successful giveaway should bring in business so that you are not losing money. Besides money, both time and social currency are expended when running a giveaway. You need to take the time to plan your giveaway for the best results. An unplanned giveaway will do more harm than good. 

Time is money as we all know, so the time spent planning the giveaway is just as important as the funds put into it. If a team member puts time into the project it should yield more positive results than if they were doing something else. For example, if a person spent three hours working on the giveaway, and those three hours could have been better spent emailing with clients, the Facebook giveaway would not be worth it. 


Engagement is key for a giveaway. There are two common ways to boost engagement during a giveaway. First, by making requirements that people must do to enter. One example could be asking people to follow you on other social media platforms, not just Facebook. Even though the giveaway is on facebook, encouraging that participants follow all social media that your business has can often be super useful. This helps in the long run as well as during the giveaway.

Another common tactic is to ask participants to repost or share the giveaway on their social media for their friends and family to see. To get more giveaway entries, an individual could be given another entry if they reposted or shared the graphic. This gives a higher incentive to do so and boosts engagement.

Bring Attention to FaceBook

Because most brands use multiple social media platforms to deliver the same message, people can be confused about what platform the giveaway is happening on. To prevent this, make sure that when you promote the giveaway, you specify what platform it is happening on. For example, if you post about it on Instagram it should say that the giveaway is on Facebook only and to go there for more information.


If you follow these four tips, your Facebook giveaway will be a success. Whether your brand is big or small, a Facebook giveaway can be super helpful in increasing engagement and creating brand loyalty. 

At Colibri, we know how powerful giveaways can be. We also know that it can be difficult. We would love to help make the process as easy as possible. Whether it is brainstorming ideas for how to make your products available in a giveaway format or how to set it up, we got you covered. Schedule a consultation with us today!