A newsletter welcome email can significantly impact your new subscribers. If it does not get sent to them in a timely manner, that could be a turnoff. If it’s friendly and inviting, that will make them happy. 

Welcome emails are not easy to write. What should you include besides thank you? Should you write your founding story or only include links to important website pages? A perfect newsltter includes the right mix of storytelling contnet and promotional content. 

3 Ways To Write The Perfect Newsletter Welcome Email 

1. Personally Welcome Your Subscriber 

To keep your new subscribers engaged and happy, make sure that you include their name.  Including their name helps to make the subscriber feel that the email was made for them and is not just an automated message.  A generic message will make the new subscriber feel that the company just wants them to increase the size of their email list.

2. Be Thoughtful When Writing Your Opening Sentence 

How you write your first sentence after the subscriber’s name will impact whether or not they read the whole newsletter.  Make sure not to write down a boring fact about the newsletter. Grab the reader with the opening sentence. Also, read your email out loud to yourself to see how it sounds to understad if you are using the right tone. 

3. Say Goodbye in a Meaningful Way

When writing a newsletter to a new subscriber, make sure that when you close the letter, it doesn’t say, for example, From: Nike.  It needs to be personal. You culd say From: John Donahoe, Nike CEO, and team Nike. Make it personal, put a face to your brand, and foster community.

What Content Should You Include in a Welcome Email?

Now that you know how to write a newsletter welcome email, it’s time to decide what to write about. Your content needs to welcome and thank your new subscriber, but also engage them so they open your newsletter. Here is what you should be included to make your welcome email pop:

  • Personal welcome. Like we talked about in tip number one, welcome your subscriber by name. Also, welcome them to the community and let them know what to expect. If you send a monthly newsletter that features industry tips, let them know that that is what they have to look forward to.
  • Thank you. Thank them for subscribing.
  • Story. Storytelling is a very effective marketing tactic because it shows the authenticity of your brand. You could briefly tell the story of your founding or your why through photos and small amounts of text.
  • Promote. The one issue with storytelling is that people can often forget to promote their products or services. Make sure you a link to a product/service on your website and include a few words about what you are selling. It’s best if you can connect it to your story. 
  • CTA. A call to action is essential for any good email. Your newsletter welcome email CTA needs to relate to your welcome message. Maybe it is a discount for a certain product/service that you offer as a thank you for subscribing. 

Your email should be short and inviting. It needs to show who you are and give your subscribers a reason to stay. With these tips in mind, sit down and write the perfect newsletter welcome email. 

Now that you have a strong welcome email, you need to follow it up with high-quality newsletter content. To learn how to do that, check out this blog, or sign up for a 30-minute complimentary strategy session.