Cassie Jeans, writer and founder of Cassie Jeans: Life Coach for Millennials, joins Colibri Digital Marketing as a guest blogger, giving us heartfelt and practical advice on how to write from the soul, with purpose and passion. What a timely piece. Writing is foundational to digital marketing, and authentic writing is exactly the kind that will inspire your clients and delight their customers. Cassie’s words of wisdom will help you discover and share your authentic voice — whatever your industry.

Before we know how we must know why. Why is writing from your authentic voice important? Depending on what you are writing, it can matter a little or a great deal. The real question here is, does it matter to you? If so, then read on. You are about to receive some incredible insights and direction to get you into the groove of creating content that you love.

Digital Marketing, Content Creation and Finding your Tone

Let’s break content creation down into three actionable steps that will bring you ease and simplicity so you walk away feeling empowered and able to create work that reflects who you are and what you value. Sound amazing? Awesome! Let’s dive in.

Step 1: Purpose

Writing authentically is driven by purpose. What is the intention of the work you are creating? How do you want your audience to feel when they read it? Why does what you are writing matter? Because we are overloaded with information, having a clear direction and purpose behind what we offer matters. But it’s so much more than just writing for the sake of putting out content. Writing is a feeling. You create a legacy of your words when you write.

This is important in marketing if you believe it is important. It boils down to choice right? The concept that, “we all just can’t do what we love and write about what we love because it doesn’t pay the bills” is a little archaic don’t you think? I love self-worth and I write about it. There are a myriad of ways to make money doing this. I think the real question here is the marketing you are doing bringing you a sense of fulfillment and joy? If so, awesome. If not, what are you willing to change about that? There is always room for growth when we are willing to change courses.Ask yourself: What are you driven by? Do you know what your true message is and why that matters to you and to your readers? Content is birthed from somewhere, right? Either from the head or the heart. Where do you want your content to come from?

Let’s look at it this way. If I were to give you all sorts of tips and advice on how to write from your authentic voice that would be lovely, right? But not life-changing. On the other hand, if I were to tell you that the reason I know writing from an authentic space is vitally important is because my birth as a writer came from a time in my life when I completely broke into a thousand pieces and was able to piece my self-worth back together because of the power of the written word. That’s something entirely different, right? That’s my heart on paper and I’ve decided to share myself with you.

I am essentially welcoming you into my life with all its ups and downs and opening up my heart. I’m sharing my story with you because I believe you matter, and I believe that when I bring this level of authenticity to my work I can break down the barriers between us and we can have a real conversation. One that creates a movement, starts a change, and awakens the soul. Awakening the soul is the purpose of my writing, and it is the type of writing I get excited about. How would you feel about discovering a purpose for your writing that truly ignites you?

Step 2: Alignment

When you are writing something, how good does it feel for you? Are you energized with every word you type or is it feeling forced? Do you get excited at the thought of getting to share your message or is your mind filled with doubt, worry what others will think, anxiety over whether it is good enough or not? Alignment is the solution. If you haven’t already noticed I ask a lot of questions here. They are your keys to your truth and the best way for me to serve you. When you are in alignment with your true message, with what really stirs your soul to write, it will flow from this endless resource of inspiration.

Want to know what’s so funny about this as well and should bring a bit of ease to the whole process? Many times, when you write from a place of alignment, you are essentially repurposing your true message. Does that make sense? For example: I recently wrote a blog about nail polish. Now, that may sound odd because I am a life coach, not a fashion blogger, so why am I writing about nail polish? Simple. Because I am so focused, so in love with what I am creating on a daily basis, so inspired by my Big Vision that I find inspiration in everything I do. So I was literally painting my nails and had this epiphany about how building a business can be just as tedious as waiting for your nail polish to dry. Dozens of analogies were created from that one idea and it brought a lot of smiles, was super relatable to my audience, and delivered a clear message. It related back to my core message, which is about creating a movement of inspirational leaders for our world.

Step 3: Fulfillment

Does your writing feel good to you? I ask this question around the word “feel” a lot because 1) I believe it strengthens our ability to tap into our intuition and as a result allows us to raise our vibrational impact and attract those who are vibrating on the same energy field as we are and 2) I believe we can swim around in our head space too much so bringing our focus and energy back to a place of feeling serves our greater purpose and connects us to our hearts.

Feeling good about what you are creating matters. Feeling like it is of value to you first, and then to your community, is important. Do not shy away from your greatness. Be willing to get into the nooks and crevices of your emotions and allow something to birth from there. What is your big vision for your writing? Don’t be afraid that the idea is too big. Let your idea be what it is intended to be. Release the need to control it. Do you believe your work should be fulfilling?

Listen, it doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, a copywriter, or work for yourself or a company. If you are creating anything, if it is coming from your energy space, then ask yourself this, “Would I love for my work to bring me joy and fulfillment?” And, “Am I currently feeling that? If not, what do I need to exchange in order to be able to feel that way?” Fulfillment in all areas of our lives matters. Imagine what it would feel like to create from a fulfilled state of being as opposed to a forced state of being. It’s a beautiful place to be in. You start to recognize the unlimited capacity of the human mind and the connection to the unlimited capacity of the heart and in that is a powerful and humbling discovery. A discovery you deserve to be awakened to.

How do we write from an authentic voice? We tap into our authentic selves. We decide to love ourselves and be willing to share that. We know our worth and walk in that confidence daily. We live consciously and with purpose and we do not settle for any other existence. We write from this space because we do not know of any other way to write. It truly gets to the point where if it is not in alignment and it is not fulfilling we know it is not worth it anymore. If you are truly seeking to create a bigger impact with your writing, if you are truly willing to raise your standard in this area, I am strongly suggesting that you answer the questions that I ask in this article. They will guide you to a deeper understanding of self and from that place there will be an abundance of things for you to write about. You will know why you are doing it in the first place. Regardless of the “how,” we must know the “why” and be connected to it.

Biography. Cassie Jeans is creating a movement of inspirational leaders who, together, will be raising the standard of what it truly means to be alive. As a Life Coach for Millennials, Cassie helps women find their connection between past events and current situations and the way they currently understand their worth, their power, and their place in this world. Cassie’s own journey has taken her on an incredible path where she learned the power and simplicity of discovering her own voice, her purpose, and her passion. A truly heart-centred coach with a soul-driven desire to create the space for significant change. Get to know her better by visiting today.

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