Logos and branding for solopreneurs are, in COLIBRI’s humble opinion, one of the fun parts of creating and developing a business.

This is an image of the ANNACOLIBRI logo: Branding for solopreneurs

What is a Logo?

At their most basic, logos are small designs or symbols that represent businesses. Logos can be, however, far more than that.

Logos are full of promise and hope. Thoughtful logos represent your business and remind you of your values, goals and purpose.

Logos and the branding they will come to represent offer an opportunity to do some deep thinking about where you are and where you would like to be, both personally and professionally.

Logos aren’t just for your audience, they are also for you. Take time to craft a logo you can love because your logo, if all goes well, will be with you for a long time.

Your Logo Tells Your Story

Ask yourself these important questions:

  • What are your values?
  • What do you think is beautiful/interesting/relevant?
  • How do you want the world to see you?
  • What does your persona/target audience value, esthetically and otherwise?
  • What are you, as a solopreneur, accomplishing now?
  • What is your history?
  • What are your hopes for the future?

Armed with answers to these questions, either hire someone or develop a logo for yourself. Having reflected on what makes your logo meaningful to you, always be ready to tell its story.

Branding for Solopreneurs

Branding is the process of getting your persona/target audience to see your company as a distinctive entity that:

  • Provides specific products and services
  • Has a, hopefully positive, reputation
  • Is recognizable by its name and/or logo

Your branding should deliver a clear message about what you do, connect to your audience emotionally and motivate them to purchase your products and services. In theory, it sounds simple.

Creating a meaningful brand takes time, effort and persistence. Because of how difficult it can be, the process should start with a deep understanding of what you want to accomplish. Beautiful logos that remind you of your goals are a great place to start.


COLIBRI loves to tell the story of the ANNACOLIBRI logo because it reflects her life philosophy and values. (She is also very lucky because she can often see hummingbirds out her window.) COLIBRI’s logo communicates messages about love, courage, beauty and playfulness, which COLIBRI discovered first because she resonated with these bright and lively creatures and then because she researched their symbolism.

COLIBRI means hummingbird in so many languages, the word suggests an idea about the internet, which is definitely international in character and structure. The internet is a generous, inclusive and creative environment, which are reasons COLIBRI loves both the word and the “place.”

Share Your Logo

COLIBRI hopes for all solopreneurs that you love your logos as much as she loves hers and that your logos reflects your values and what your brand is accomplishing.

Share your logo. Tell us about your brand!

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