Colibri doesn’t often hear the words “love yourself deeply and sweetly” in the business world, but she’s here to repeat them. Why? Because Colibri gets the nectar out of life for survival and she wants that to be your work, too. So get to it!

After weeks of international travel and many hours on the job–and that’s not counting unpaid hours of blessed (and I do mean blessed) Mommy time–let’s have a quick self-care review.

Here’s how Colibri does it:

  1. 7 – 8 hours of sleep per night
  2. daily journaling
  3. daily meditation
  4. daily swim or walk
  5. regular meals of organic & tasty food
  6. time off the computer
  7. time in nature
  8. monthly massage
  9. time with friends and family
  10. meditation meetings for sangha
  11. taking a few notes before bed to shape the next day
  12. prayer
  13. a minimum of one good laugh per day–kids are great for this

Colibri also likes to make love for relaxation and dress up and go out. She can’t be serious all the time!

It’s not easy keeping Colibri feathers shiny, but it’s worth it.

Your turn: what do you do to stay fit and healthy so you can be your best for yourself & everyone?

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