The following productivity apps aren’t what most of us would call sexy. A few among them, as far as apps go, aren’t my favorite at all, mostly because I find them confusing or inconvenient to use. Some of them, strictly speaking, aren’t even productivity apps. I’m blogging about my most-used apps because, for whatever reason, these apps are the ones I use most frequently and that have made the biggest practical difference in my life.

As a business owner, I find I don’t need the flashiest apps, I just need apps that work — for me. The art and a science of app-making determines both the popularity and the functionality of a given app, while app selection, in a wide world of choice, is based ultimately on personal preference. At the end of the day, the best apps are the ones that you use to make your life as a business owner easier.

My Favorite Productivity Apps

Here are some of my favorites:


Shoeboxed is my latest productivity app treasure. I’m always keeping my eye out for ways to organize my business finances. This app makes it easy to keep your receipts organized and ready when tax time comes. While I didn’t like their login process (the free version of their app is basically useless so I had to give my credit card and opt for the free trial), I love the flexibility and the intuitiveness of this app.


I can’t even remember how I stumbled on this productivity app, but I love it. Primer provides bite-sized digital marketing lessons (perfect for a digital marketer like me) that are informative, entertaining, and inspirational.


This one is a no-brainer. I like this app because it’s easy and convenient to use. It’s one obvious step towards the paperless office of my dreams (though I do plan to keep my Moleskine notebooks and my fountain pen).


Instagram helps me feel creative. It’s fun to connect with other people via images. And, my fifteen year-old, more often than not, likes my posts! The interface bothers me a little — like I really wish you could easily unfollow people who don’t follow you back from within the app. But that’s life in the app lane.


I love this quick and easy upgrade to the YouTube interface. I wish I were organized to use it more often so I could get my YouTube Channel off the ground.


What can I say? Thanks to Jeff Belkora, I’m an Uber addict.


I don’t actually like this app. In fact, I think I have two accounts and I can’t figure out how to log into either one. But. For whatever reason, someone comes to my home once per month and cleans for two hours. Sure, I pay for it, but it’s worth it to this single, working, business-owning mother of two bright and beautiful boys to get a little sass-free help around the house.

Consider These Criteria When Choosing Productivity Apps

New to you. If you haven’t tried these apps, why not give them a go? If you end up liking the idea but not the execution, there’s sure to be another app in its category. If an app doesn’t resonate with you within three or so days, delete it.

Beta than before. If you have an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a beta app that you like, at least in theory, sign up. If it converts to a paid app, you could be grandfathered in. Just remember, if you aren’t using it, it’s not worth the digital real estate it takes up in your life and on your phone.

Useful or entertaining. The apps you end up using most will be useful or entertaining. If an app isn’t making your life better, you’ll know. How? Because it will just sit there looking pretty on your phone waiting for you to remember why you downloaded it in the first place.

The take-home? Good productivity apps practically choose themselves.

Outside of these apps, there are tons of other tools to improve productivity. Check out our favorite communication tools here to increase productivity.

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