Does your brand have strong pinteresting strategies? While this platform initially just functioned as an aesthetically pleasing site where you could find your next recipe ideas from, in more recent years, Pinterest has been making a name for itself as a visual search engine. Businesses have begun to take advantage of the platform to share original graphics or photos of their products and marketers have begun building entire action plans around it to build their brand presence and grow their audiences.

Brands have begun to realize the potential of Pinterest to achieve their business goals, particularly because it is a platform where you can be a step ahead of your competitors.So, what things can you do to set up your Pinterest business account for success? Let’s look into some key elements.

Auditing Your Current Pinteresting Strategies

If you already have a Pinterest business account, you should definitely take a minute to do an audit of your profile, especially if you have not done one recently. An audit will give you insight into what has been working with your audience, as well as helping you identify plenty of areas for improvement to strengthen your pinteresting strategies and boost your reach.

Here are some things to look into while doing an audit:

Your Profile

  • Make sure you have a business account.
  • Check that your website is linked to your account.
  • Enable rich pins.
  • Use a name and bio that is consistent with your other social media channels.
  • Include specific keywords in your name and bio.
  • Use your brand logo as your profile picture.

Your Boards

  • Review all of your boards and make sure that they fit with your brand. Delete any board that does not relate directly to your business and add or combine any boards as needed.
  • Make sure to have at least 20-30 pins set up under each of your boards.
  • Name and describe your boards strategically with keywords.

Your Pins

  • Review all the pins under every board. Delete any pin that does not fit with your board and brand.
  • Make sure that all your pins are linked to the correct website.
  • Update your Pins’ description to ensure that they include strong keywords.

Building Your Pinteresting Strategies

After auditing your profile, you can now look into ways of improving your pinteresting strategies. There are many key elements to take into consideration when creating your strategy – and we’ll get into them in just a second – but first, it  is important to understand that with Pinterest, a strongly planned, organic strategy can take you very far. Due to the non-chronological nature of organic Pins, your content can be discovered at any time, creating a longer lifespan. 

So, how can you build a strong organic strategy on Pinterest? And how can you get even more value and impact from your organic content? Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

Clear Objective

Just like with any marketing strategy on any other channel, the first thing you need to do is have a clear idea of what your business goals are on Pinterest. Would you like to use it to help you increase your brand awareness or consideration? Or are you looking into getting more conversions or offline sales? 

No matter what your goal is, Pinterest can be the right place. There are many success stories of businesses of all sizes that have succeeded on Pinterest; from brands like Nutella to Samsung. However, if you are not clear with what you want to achieve, it will be harder for you to reach your goal.

Keep in mind that your marketing objective should be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-based).

Optimize For Search

The Pinterest algorithm relies on keywords in boards, board descriptions, Pin titles, Pin descriptions, and Pin landing page URLs. Doing strong keyword research will help your content get to the right audience and give helpful context to Pinners.

Pin Frequency

An important part of your Pinterest strategy is making sure that you keep a consistent posting frequency. Unlike other social networks, where your reach peaks in the first 24 hours, on Pinterest your reach will grow over time as people discover and save your Pins.

Board Best Practices

Being strategic when it comes to your Pinterest boards is key to helping them gain more traction. Your board names and descriptions should be specific and relevant to your audience, and you should make sure to include good keywords. Likewise, it’s important to categorize your boards to help Pinterest better understand your content and help with SEO.

Pinterest Insights

The best way to understand your content’s performance on Pinterest is to take advantage of the platform’s many tools that give you insight into your audience and Pins. Some of these tools include:

It allows you to see organic, paid, and earned engagement for all of your Pins. It is ideal to understand your most popular Pins and boards, so you can build your content and media strategy with confidence.

Surface actionable insights about your audience. Use these tools to better understand what your existing and potential customers are interested in based on their behavior on Pinterest.

This tool gives a view of the top US search terms within the past 12 months. With it, you can learn when people start searching and what content is popular on Pinterest, so you can use it to help plan your content and timing.

Organic & Paid Strategies Go Hand In Hand

This goes in line with our last point. After you identify your top-performing organic content, start promoting it to reach an even larger audience. You can also boost support for key product lines leading with a paid strategy for your most relevant initiatives.

Likewise, you can also use your Pinterest business profile to feature your shoppable products with Pinterest Shop. The idea is for you to strategically use these different tools so that they complement each other to promote your best-performing products and direct people to buy them.

Key Takeaways

When used properly, Pinterest can be a great platform to use as a way to achieve your business goals. As we have explained, it’s a place to keep one step ahead of your competitors and expand your reach. As long as you build a strategic plan around your content, it has the potential of transforming your business. So, do not wait any longer to start reaching out to these news audiences; you can begin today!

If you think that Pinterest could be a great platform for your business, and you want assistance on how to create and implement your strategy, schedule a meeting with Colibri Digital Marketing today!