One of the most essential mottoes the Colibri team has is “lead with love.” To us, this means showing up for the people you care about, embracing their authentic selves, and doing your work through love. When leading a business, nothing is more important than loving your team. All the things Pride Month also honors.

“Our team believes in all the juicy stuff: mindfulness, putting yourself in the other person’s shoes, cultivating love for the self, being willing to ask yourself the hard questions and get better, expressing love through everyday actions, and accepting life on life’s terms.” – Rose Carges 

As an LGBTBE certified business and a proud B Corp, we celebrate diversity and love every day by respecting each other, learning together, and accepting people for what makes them different. We value each of the unique voices on our team and celebrate the differences that make our team stronger. Don’t take my word for it. Instead, listen to the Colibri voices. 

In this post, we will all honor, commemorate, and celebrate what Pride means to us and what we mean to each other. Read on to find out what #TeamColibri had to say.

What Pride Month means to our team

Anna Colibri – Founder And President

Pride is about courage and solidarity. It takes courage to be unwaveringly and authentically who you are in a world that may reject or physically or emotionally harm you. Solidarity is about lending your courage to others, so they feel strong enough and saf e enough to simply live the truth of who they are. I find it beautiful to celebrate pride because, ultimately, we are celebrating love, freedom, and community.

Alessandra Illarramendi – CEO

Diversity is one of the most important values in a team. As business leaders and people of good, it is our responsibility to ensure everyone feels safe, supported, and valued in the teams and groups we belong to.

María Andreina Pérez – COO

For me, pride means equality, support, and safety. It allows people to be what they want to be and love who they want to love. No one is better than anyone, and pride is a way to be conscious that we are all equal and everyone deserves the same rights.

Andreina Villegas – CMO

Pride celebrates the beauty in diversity, the power of each person’s unique voice, and the force that binds it all together: love. 

To me, Pride in its natural form comes from the acceptance of the authentic self, but it can also come from the joy of sharing someone’s most meaningful possession, the story of who they are. The fact that someone is willing to share the most profound aspect of themselves and trust you with their authentic story is a huge sense of honor and responsibility that inspires me to celebrate and support this beautiful community and its resilience. Their history is a powerful lesson on self-love, honesty, and courage.    

Diego Cirigliano – Art Director

It’s important to create safe spaces where people can be themselves and live their lives to the fullest. It’s been proven time and time again that our differences make us who we are and that through unity, understanding, and uplifting each other, we become stronger together. Pride is an opportunity to celebrate that the most beautiful things are born out of love. 

Simon Keller – Analytics Director

Pride is about living your life in happiness, no matter what people might think about you. It’s also about human rights because everyone deserves respect and fair treatment. Last but not least, it’s about celebrating love in all its shapes, which is one of the most important parts of life and what keeps us alive; it’s the reason to wake up every morning.

José Ignacio Plessman – Social Media Director

Whenever I’m afraid in public while holding hands, hugging, or kissing the person I love, I remember what pride means to me.

It’s a constant battle to earn rights that should not feel like a privilege. Love is love, and no one deserves to be scared of it.

Camila González – Email Marketing Manager

For me, pride is about people being unapologetically themselves. It’s recognizing each other as we are, accepting it, and feeling safe and proud in our own skins. It’s a recognition that diversity makes us better and that we all deserve the opportunity to live a life in which we get to be fully happy and comfortable being ourselves.

Estefanía Vieto – Social Media Manager

To me, pride is about living authentically and being unapologetically yourself. Pride celebrates freedom and commemorates those who for long succumbed to a system that didn’t accept or respect them and fought for the right to love and express themselves freely. I wholeheartedly believe that it is extremely important to carry the values of love and respect in any business.

Alan Cofrades – Web Developer 

For me, pride is an opportunity to remember where we come from, to celebrate the great strides that have been made as a society in accepting diversity, and a reminder of the things that still need to be done so that every person can live with equal rights and opportunities in a safe world.

Alessandra López – Ads Specialist

For me, pride is being and accepting the purest and truest version of yourself. It is permitting yourself to be happy, whether or not other people agree with your lifestyle and life choices, understanding that those alone do not harm anyone but rather multiply love and wellness. 

Daniela Pérez – Marketing Associate

In a world that’s moved by love, we should respect, celebrate, and spread it. Pride is all about love and how we are better people because of it; the better we love, the better we are. So let’s embrace a safe place for everyone, no matter who they are or love. 

Parker Green – Marketing Intern

Pride to me is a celebration of life – a celebration of the multitude of colors and sexualities that exist in the world, and a celebration of how people can live, love, and engage with the world in whatever way best suits them. 

Ramitha Nagarajan – Marketing Intern

I think that pride is about the push to fully accept yourself, be honest with yourself, and not only be able to unconditionally love whoever you choose but also to unconditionally love yourself for being able to make that choice. 

Anoushka Patel – Marketing Intern

For me, pride is about demonstrating bravery through self-acceptance and rallying support for everyone’s right to love freely. It gives us the strength to combat the fear of being judged for the way love guides us and encourages a society in which we all belong.

Siddharth Prothia – Marketing Intern

To me, pride is something that needs to be embraced, and it’s a special part of our society that makes a diverse community. It allows each other to grow as individuals since we have diverse perspectives, and it’s great how there is pride awareness throughout the world.

Alexa Vargas – Marketing Intern

Pride means being part of a community who accepts you for who you are. It’s a form of belonging and lifting each other up! 

Ellis Miles – Marketing Intern

For me, pride is the creation of a culture where everyone is accepted, respected, shown love, and allowed to show love free of judgment. Creating a safe space where people of different backgrounds’ important perspectives are taken into account and listened to.

Bárbara Gómez – Marketing Intern 

I think branding and marketing today are the best ways to support the LGBTQ community. We have the ability to reach thousands of people with our ideas, and we owe our support to those who had to hide for so long. 

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