A Bay Area Educational Institution Increases Their Brand Reach

Creating International Brand Awareness

The client wanted to raise the profile of one of their programs through enhancing their brand reach and awareness. This program has an international audience so they were willing to spend more in order to reach people worldwide and build their brand internationally. The reason they reached out to Colibri Digital Marketing for help was because they did not have an internal team that knew enough about digital advertising and social media. They had a lack of personnel in this area. 

Growing International Brand Awareness Through Ads

In order to help the client increase their brand reach and awareness, Colibri Digital Marketing leveraged the clients existing social media strategy. The main aspect of the solution was to manage Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram advertisements to reach an international audience. This project consisted of a month’s worth of managing organic social media posting and advertising. Ads were the most effective option because the client had the resources to invest in lots of ads to reach a larger audience. The main focus was to properly portray their brand in the ads to increase their brand awareness. 

Implementing Adaptable Strategies

Our approach focussed on testing. Colibri tested advertisements on different platforms to see which performed the best. From there we made decisions about which to pursue based on which ads were providing the most reach and adapted our strategy. For example, we originally thought LinkedIn would be highly effective because it was an education program we were helping raise the profile of, but we found that those ads were the least effective so we changed our strategy to focus more on other ads.

Impressions Lead To Conversions 

The results with this client were remarkable. The ads had thousands of views and reached a larger international audience. We saw a great increase in brand awareness which benefited the program greatly. Our client was pleased with the results, as were we. 

We were able to give the brand 917,360 new impressions organically and with social advertising on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. On top of that, their online community grew from 2,675 followers/fans to 3,389 followers/fans.

Below are benchmarking materials and charts which show the results of our solution. 

Impressions on social media:

Google Ads impressions on youtube:


This client is an elite local educational institution. They have been an institute in the bay area for decades and have a reputation for excellence in education. They wanted to increase the profile for one of their programs, a tech incubator with an international audience.


This case study is about a high profile educational institution looking to reach an international audience. Our solution to the clients needs was to create ads that highlighted their brand to raise brand awareness.

What we learned

Colibri Digital Marketing learned a lot from this project. Being able to work on a bigger scale meant new experiences and challenges. Colibri’s CEO, Anna Colibri, said about the project, “It’s important to realize that spending more money on ads does produce bigger results and so you shouldn’t under spend. Your dollar is used best if you take advantage of management fees, which are relatively fixed, to get greater results and conversions.” This project was meaningful to Colibri because we were able to see millions of views and it was fun, yet challenging, to work with bigger ad budgets to see larger results.