Birth Center Increases Lead Sign-Ups and Revenue Through Effective Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies

A birth center looking to increase its online presence and optimize its healthcare digital marketing contacted the agency. Colibri Digital Marketing audited and optimized its digital marketing efforts and brand presence, led digital advertising efforts, and increased sales.


They wanted Colibri Digital Marketing to create a healthcare digital marketing strategy, review their branding and website, and implement a plan that would help them increase sales. The agency provided a comprehensive marketing plan with a complete marketing audit, setup, optimization, and content calendar. Simultaneously, Colibri Digital Marketing took charge of its advertising efforts to increase traffic and sign-ups for care.

Why Colibri Digital Marketing?

Colibri Digital Marketing was selected because of its digital marketing experience and ability to create customized strategies to meet each client’s unique needs. A big selling point was our B Corp certification and how our mission and vision aligned with their business.


The objective was to improve their online efforts and optimize their digital presence to reach a wider audience. Additionally, Colibri Digital Marketing aimed to enhance tracking and increase ROI. 

While working on their marketing plan, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, which made us repurpose their whole strategy and sales funnel and support them in adapting to a 100% online world.

How Colibri Responded

Colibri Digital Marketing responded by creating a customized healthcare digital marketing strategy for the client. Our approach centered on optimizing the birth center’s website and marketing efforts. Slight modifications were made to the website to enhance service presentation and sales, along with installing and properly setting up analytics and attribution for campaigns. Additionally, we introduced a calendar option to facilitate a trackable lead capture strategy.

The client offered free informational sessions as lead magnets but could not send reminders or track conversions and attribute them to marketing. This new plugin on the website was even more helpful once the COVID-19 pandemic hit when the client could quickly change directions and make the sessions online, ultimately leading to a better way to track results. 

With this new tracking system, Colibri Digital Marketing could not just advertise and report impressions and clicks. Still, it could now attribute actual leads to the different campaigns, projecting revenue and generating quantifiable ROI.

As part of the ongoing advertising package, Colibri updated the strategy once the goals were reached to improve performance constantly and adapt to changes in the goals and the industry. The advertising team at Colibri has worked on creating different campaigns for each stage of the funnel, capturing cold traffic and nurturing it into leads.

We’ve tested different mediums and platforms, such as Google Search, geotargeted ads, Display, programmatic, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Colibri Digital Marketing also implemented a tracking system to measure ROAS and track customer behavior through the conversion funnel, as we identified some missing opportunities with the client.


As a result of the customized healthcare digital marketing strategy, the birth center experienced significant growth. The sign-up rate for info sessions increased, and the number of leads generated from their website rose dramatically.

The team achieved a reduction in CPC and CPM for Google Search Ads, and the cost per conversion was also reduced. 

The tracking system helped track customer behavior, resulting in increased revenue. By December 2021, 49.6% of the bookings were directly from ads, generating a ROAS of 11%.

Healthcare digital marketing case study data
Data in December 2021

By March 2023, 44.83% of the 87 bookings were directly from ads, generating approximately $35,947.62 in ad revenue per month, with an average spend of $1,500.

Healthcare digital marketing case study data in March
Data in March 2023

If you’re looking to optimize your digital marketing efforts, increase your ROI, and attract more leads to your website, Colibri Digital Marketing can help. Contact us today to learn how we can create a customized healthcare digital marketing strategy tailored to your unique needs and goals. Let’s work together to take your business to the next level.


This client is a renowned birth center that offers personalized care for prenatal and birthing services. They are committed to providing pregnant people with a safe, calm, comfortable birthing experience that aligns with their values and desires.


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