Nonprofit Marketing: How Colibri Digital Marketing Increased Brand Awareness and Traffic for an NGO

This case study showcases how Colibri Digital Marketing improved a technology-driven NGO’s nonprofit marketing to increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to its website, aiming to provide services and resources to communities in need. By leveraging social media platforms and Google Grant Ads, we helped the client achieve its goals while maintaining its unique voice.


The client needed to reach a wider audience both in Spanish and English through social media channels while keeping their unique voice intact. They were also looking for nonprofit marketing recommendations on how to best apply their budget for different ad campaigns they had on social media to maximize reach and generate more awareness for their cause.

Once we started managing the account, we realized they hadn’t fully optimized their analytics, as they could not track conversions from their marketing campaigns.

Why Colibri Digital Marketing?

Colibri Digital Marketing has over 11 years of experience in social media and paid media management, and our team of experts has a track record of delivering results for our clients. We were confident we could help clients achieve their goals by leveraging our experience and expertise in nonprofit marketing.

Additionally, as a fully bilingual marketing agency, Colibri’s expertise in Spanish-English transcreation sets us apart from local digital marketing agencies, allowing us to reach a wider audience and touch their pain points in their language without losing the client’s voice and tone.


Our objective was to increase brand awareness for the nonprofit organization and drive more traffic to its website to help them connect with more people needing social services and community resources in English and Spanish.

How Colibri Responded

First, we set up their analytics to track conversions and make data-driven decisions.

We took over their social media management, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Then, we optimized their social media and advertising strategy to align with their unique voice, brand, and messaging, improving their campaigns to generate more engagement, followers, and clicks to their website.

We also helped the NGO leverage its paid media, including Facebook Ads and the Google Grant Ads program, which provides eligible non-profits up to $10,000 monthly in Google Search Ads advertising. In addition, we created targeted campaigns aligned with their brand messaging and optimized their ads to drive more clicks and conversions.


Our nonprofit marketing efforts generated significant results for this NGO. Within the first three months of our engagement, we increased their LinkedIn and Instagram organic followers, maintaining their organic engagement and page clicks with slow but constant growth. 

We managed both organic and paid media on Facebook, increasing their results by 10% and setting up a tracking system to understand their conversion funnel. 

Nonprofit marketing results
*We didn’t manage Twitter, but the client requested reporting on the data

On paid advertising, we lowered the cost per click from $7.67 to $4.03 on Google Grant Ads and from $0.68 to $0.32 on Facebook, maintaining their conversion actions and increasing their engagement, even when they decided to decrease the budget by 80% during the first three months of our partnership. 

Nonprofit marketing data
Google Grant Ads Results
Nonprofit marketing data: Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads Results

The optimization of analytics done before we took over their advertising helped the client better understand the budget needed to achieve their goals during their business transition. As a result, they realized the true value of their advertising efforts. They optimized their budget for conversions, such as submitted applications and app downloads, rather than focusing on only superficially impressive metrics, such as clicks and impressions.

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The client is a non-profit organization that connects low-income families and individuals with the resources they need to improve their lives and achieve social and economic mobility. Their platform provides a comprehensive directory of social services and community resources, including education, health, housing, employment, legal, family & household, food, and money. In addition, their team of social workers and community advocates helps clients navigate the complex web of social services.


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