A Small Corporate Yoga Business SEO

Approach: Collaboration, Growth, and Empowerment Focused

As we worked on this project, we kept collaboration and growth in mind. We wanted to make sure our client understood what we did and why, and also felt that going forward, they knew how to optimize blogs so they could improve rankings and add new keywords to their existing rankings.

To start the project, we got familiar with the industry through the following:

  • Business analysis
  • Industry analysis
  • Competitive analysis

Since our goal was to help them be findable online, we needed to understand the competition. From there we reviewed the client’s SEO foundation by auditing their website and analytics. Once we understood their business and where they stood, we began creating and implementing strategies.

Our SEO strategy included:

  • Technical SEO
  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO
  • Local/mobile SEO

We optimized their web pages to make sure their core pages were findable on search and user-friendly. At this point in the project, we had laid the foundations for growth and were on track to see results.

Since we approached this project with collaboration and growth at the forefront, we educated the client and worked with them to understand how they could improve their website. Not everyone has the time or interest in doing page speed optimizations, so it is our job to see what they can do and help them do it. For this client, their main interest was blogging. At the end of the project, we left the client with an actionable SEO plan, training to help them grow their knowledge base, and our emails in case they needed ongoing support. This plan also included an editorial calendar based on our keyword research and instructions for how to write, post, and optimize blogs.

Results: 60% Increase in Traffic and Expanded Rankings

SEO is the core of making online sales. To make your other platforms successful, you need an optimized website. Like advertising, SEO requires a good user experience so that visitors will convert to clients. Plus, once those advertising campaigns are done, what will support you in driving website traffic? The answer is SEO.

With this client, we were happy to see that the results were what we wanted and the client’s website continues to improve, showing that not only was our SEO strategy and optimizations successful but so was our training as the client continues the SEO work.

A Rising Domain Authority

At the beginning of the project, the client’s domain authority was 24 and at the end, it was 29. The project began in September and ended at the beginning of February so, over 5 months, we saw the client’s domain authority increase by 6. By the end of February, the client’s domain authority had grown to 30.

Expanded Rankings

When we began the project, the client only ranked for branded keywords. This meant that only people who knew about the brand could find them online. If they were interested in the client’s offerings and would be the ideal client, they could not find them unless they knew the company’s name. At the end of the project, they ranked for keywords such as:

  • “how do I become an office yoga teacher”
  • “corporate yoga near me”
  • “cactus pose benefits”
  • “b corp yoga”

They even have a new featured snippet, a few site link rankings, and appear on multiple local pack SERPs.

Increasing Linking Domains and Decreasing Spam Score

The client began the project with 109 linking domains and ended with 169. By disavowing toxic backlinks and finding new linking opportunities we lowered their spam score to 1%. This increase in quality linking domains and decrease in spam score helped the client’s domain authority improve.

60% Increase in Traffic

To know that your SEO efforts are paying off you need to see an increase in traffic. If you do not, that means the keywords you are ranking for are not converting, your site is not user-friendly, or your rankings have not actually improved. Over this project, we saw a 60% increase in traffic. In September 2020 they received 1,500 in traffic and in February 2021, 2,500 visitors, a lot of them new, meaning they were expanding their audience base and brand awareness.

60% Increase in Traffic

120% Overall Increase in Page Views

By optimizing the client’s pages, we saw an increase in pageviews.

September 2020 vs. February 2021 pageviews:
Results of pageviews increase september-february

September 2020 vs. February 2021 home page views:
Homepage views increase september-february

September 2020 vs. February 2021 contact page views:
Contact page traffic increase september-february

Even a blog they posted in 2018, started to see its first pageviews:
Blog post pageviews increase since september

Lessons Learned: Prioritize Partnership

Throughout the project, the lesson that we kept coming back to was the importance of collaboration, communication, and empowerment. Of course, we were also reminded how beneficial SEO is based on the results. Collaboration was key to our success because the client was not very familiar with SEO and we were not very familiar with the corporate yoga industry. Anna Colibri, CEO and Founder of Colibri Digital Marketing, is also a certified Yoga instructor, so we came into the project with some knowledge but through communication with the client, we were each able to knowledge-share more effectively. For example, the client knew what their clients wanted and understood their audience. By discussing this, we were able to come up with multiple buyer personas and research keywords that spoke to each of those personas’ needs so that in the editorial calendar, the content we proposed spoke to their audiences.

Because both Colibri Digital Marketing and the client are B Corp certified small businesses, we both understood the importance of working by your mission and aiming to serve the community and planet. Part of the client’s mission is to inspire conscious leadership and transform the corporate environment into one that prioritizes health and happiness. Their work empowering others empowered us to prioritize our well-being because the client offered us some of their short daily training videos. To help empower the client, we provided them with training and honest communication so they could understand what we were doing, why, and how. When the project ended and the client was working on writing a blog based on the training we provided, they reached out for our feedback. This taught us the importance of collaboration and creating a relationship that benefits both parties.

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This client is a B Corp certified corporate yoga business based in San Francisco that offers classes across the United States. As a B Corp, this client strives to support fellow B Corps by making their employees happy, healthy, and more productive through yoga and meditation classes. They also work with large organizations, ultimately helping them improve company cultures and achieve their missions. To further spread the good news about yoga, they offer corporate yoga teacher training to help aspiring corporate yoga teachers start their careers.


Pivot to SEO During a Pandemic During the pandemic, this client was faced with finding new ways to grow their business online. Teaching in an office in person was no longer an option so the client began building more online opportunities and courses. Through this work, they discovered that if they wanted to get business online, their website needed to be findable and so, halfway through the pandemic, they reached out to Colibri Digital Marketing (us!) a fellow B Corp certified marketing agency to help with their SEO. Our job was to help this client rank on the first page of Google and keep them there.

What we learned

A Sustainable SEO Plan and Strong Foundation To turn this client’s website into an optimized marketing asset and tool, we did an in-depth SEO audit to look for opportunities and errors. From there, we: Built out an SEO strategy Optimized their Google Analytics Created an ongoing SEO plan