Maximizing ROI Through Strategic Advertising Consultation for a Leading Home Improvement Company

The regional branch of a prominent home improvement company specializing in flooring services contacted us for a strategic advertising consultation, aiming to optimize their Google Ads results. Within just one month of implementing our high-level strategy, content recommendations, and campaign setup changes, the client experienced a dramatic improvement in various metrics. These included increased click-through rates, higher conversion rates, and improved ad relevancy scores, all while reducing their overall spending. The client also gained the capability to manage their ads independently, thanks to our comprehensive training.


The client grappled with inefficient ad spend, low click-through rates,  a drop in store visit conversions, and poor conversion metrics. Their advertising campaigns were not yielding the desired ROI, and they were missing out on potential business opportunities. The challenge was to optimize their advertising strategy to improve these metrics without increasing the budget.

Why Colibri Digital Marketing?

The client has an in-house marketing team manages their day-to-day advertising and promotional activities. However, they recognize that external expertise in strategic advertising can provide valuable insights and optimizations that may not be readily apparent from within the organization. They chose us for our comprehensive package, including account auditing, high-level strategy formulation, and content and campaign setup recommendations. Our proven track record in improving advertising metrics and our ability to work seamlessly with in-house teams were vital factors in their decision to engage our services on an as-needed basis to enhance specific strategies or processes.


The client’s primary objective was to improve advertising metrics, explicitly focusing on click-through rates, store visit conversion rates, and ROI.

How Colibri Responded

We began by auditing the client’s Google Ads account to identify areas for improvement. Based on this audit, we formulated a high-level strategy and recommended changes to content and campaign setups. Some of these changes included:

  •  Restructuring the targeting audience by reducing the location targeting to the Bay Area.
  • Optimizing the bidding strategy to maximize the number of store visits by setting up an average order value for every visit and bidding to get it.
  • Adding store visits as the only conversion on every campaign to focus all the budget on bringing people to the store.

Additionally, we provided training to enable clients to manage their ads independently, explaining all the changes made and the reasoning behind them. 


The client saw significant improvements across all key metrics within just one month:

Strategic Advertising Consultation Results
Screenshot from results within a month

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Our client is a leading home improvement company based in San Francisco, specializing in various services, from flooring to kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Despite their longstanding presence and comprehensive service offerings, they faced challenges optimizing their Google Ads campaigns, leading them to seek our expertise.


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