The Benefits of A Website Audit for Your Business

Your website is the digital foundation of your business; it is the focal point to which your customers and clients will be returning again and again. The end game of any website should be to convert visitors into customers. As such, a properly optimized website is key to online success.

website audit

Read this blog post we wrote about how a website audit is so important for your business, and discover everything we did for his business.



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San Francisco natural perfume company


Their website lacked the professional, high quality look and feel of their products and it lacked the ambiance of the physical store.

What we learned

Colibri Digital Marketing approached the website issues as part of a larger strategic branding process. The client received a robust strategic plan — complete with easy-to-follow action steps — for optimizing their website, creating a professional representation of their brand online, and strategies for increasing online sales and outperforming competitors.