Website Redesign: Building a Scene-Stealing Digital Lead Machine

The client is the longest-standing scene shop in the Bay Area, with 30 years in business. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of a scene shop, it is a company that assists various entities such as corporations, educational institutions, design firms, marketing agencies, and audiovisual and event production companies in enhancing their Sales, Marketing, and Engagement by designing and constructing captivating environments both on-site and off-site. They provide all the necessary technology, operational materials, and a proficient team to ensure success. We started an SEO Project that enabled us to identify errors and opportunities for improvement. As we moved forward and better understood the client’s situation, we identified an opportunity to improve their website at an SEO and design level. The project became a website redesign, allowing the client to improve their website’s page speed, site health, and keyword rankings by 30%. 

Let’s review how we helped this scene shop increase its online rankings and website traffic!



The client is a high-performing, thriving, and successful SF Bay Area company that wanted to build on its success by generating more leads through digital channels. Their digital platforms weren’t fully optimized for conversions and were holding them back from becoming an authority among similar businesses in the industry.



After getting to know the client’s business, their team, and their client base, Colibri and the client decided to set our sights on creating a UX and SEO-optimized website refresh to generate and capture leads through digital channels. 

Previous website design
The website before


Previous site data
Site health in SEMrush before



Through an SEO audit, we learned that the client’s website search visibility was 1.65%, and toxic links affected the site’s authority. The website had 175 errors, and the page speed was 83% in performance and 76% in structure. Most importantly, their low search rankings resulted in very little organic traffic. 

Key design elements on the website affected the overall user experience, especially for mobile, which meant that the small amount of traffic going to the site wasn’t having the unique experience and striking visuals a creative company like our client should offer online visitors. This situation led us to recommend a website redesign, in addition to the SEO strategy, to improve design, user experience, and lead capture. 

The website wasn’t entirely telling the client’s story. Their site needed a better structure and an improved user experience to fully present its essence, branding, and array of services to customers while making the journey enjoyable for every visitor.



The website redesign delivered a user-responsive website representing their brand, what they want to offer their clients, and attractive visuals of successful past projects. Additionally, by fixing SEO issues and improving overall performance, we optimized their website and increased page speed, site health, and domain authority. 



Previous site sample


Website redesign

Website redesign example

Site health before and after:




Site data after website redesign and SEO work


As a B Corp-certified, woman-owned digital marketing firm operating out of the San Francisco Bay, we focus on creating sustainable digital marketing strategies for local, mission-aligned clients throughout the Bay Area. 

Colibri Digital Marketing offers SEO packages, besides other services, that position your brand and engage leads on Google and other search engines, moving the needle towards the financial health of your business and its growth. We have over 11 years of experience working on SEO and achieving top-page conversion rankings for all our clients and various industries. 

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