Growth is an everyday journey, and 2023 marks our 11th year as a Colibri charm and our focus on purpose driven marketing for businesses of all kinds. From the ups and downs, we have worked to find beauty even in the most challenging changes.

As another year goes by, we reflect on our goals, challenges, and achievements and have condensed everything on our 2022’s annual impact report. As a certified B Corp, transparency is essential because it keeps us accountable and inspired. By sharing this report with our community, we aim to share our successes, failures, and processes so we can all learn and grow together.

2022 was another unusual year. For us, it signified a lot of change, personally and professionally. Our leadership changed, but our commitment to purpose driven marketing and love for mission-aligned brands and organizations remained. This year was a challenge we accepted with grace. It signified an opportunity to put our beliefs into practice and work alongside companies that inspired us to be better every day.

2022 Highlights

changed our team leadership!

Since our inception, our goal has been to support women leaders and encourage their development. This year, we promoted three fearless female professionals from Venezuela who were ready to lead and grow our business: Alessandra Illarmendi became CEO, Andreina Villegas became CMO, and Maria Perez became COO.

Biggest team ever!

We grew the team and expanded our department and services to deliver our best work while providing opportunities to diversity and minority groups. This year, we added six new colibris to the charm! 

hosted 12 interns ready to learn more about digital marketing!

Everyone has the right to educate and empower themselves to use technology and digital marketing to their advantage. Our Colibri Institute focuses on educating everyone and anyone who wants to learn more about purpose driven marketing and improve their skills. 

committed to a 100% accessible world wide web.

To further this goal, we partnered with AccessiBe –Use our partner link to make your website accessible. 

provided over $50,000 of pro bono services. 

We gave back to our community in a big way, supporting global causes and unsheltered communities. This year we partnered with QuickHaven, Global Partners for Development, and Brethren Community Foundation.

worked towards a greener world.

We purchased 100% renewable energy through the city of Oakland’s partnership with PG&E, used green servers to power our website and client websites, and used a solar panel to charge a backup battery as part of our “move towards solar powering” business.

dedicated our time to learning together.  

Through “Colibris in Action,” we believe everyone has a voice to share something we can all benefit from. This year we volunteered at Menlo College for Mock Interview Day, sponsored the Project Calibrate Hackathon -a school project to encourage students to learn about digital marketing- and volunteered at eVen –a Venezuelan project dedicated to providing English classes to remote communities in Venezuela. 

As usual, the most important thing we did in 2022 was #LeadWithLove. You can read about what leading with love means to #TeamColibri here.

What’s To Come In 2023

In 2023, we plan to take our business to the next level and create new alternatives to provide purpose driven marketing. 

With everything happening around us, staying true to our B Corp values will be essential to facing the new year of life ahead of us. That is why some of our goals this year are:

Governance: Execute best practices for triple-bottom-line corporate governance. 

Community: Sustain our support of nonprofit organizations and mission-aligned partners.

Environment: find ways to provide solar power to our team (even those living in high-rise buildings) and expand its use.

Clients: Working locally with women and minority business owners, the LGBTQ+ community, and mission-aligned businesses.

In year 11, we will continue doing business as a force for good (™) and working with a triple bottom line: for communities, business, and the environment.

Want to know more? Download Colibri Digital Marketing 2022 Impact Report.

About Colibri Digital Marketing

In business since 2012, first certified as a B Corp in 2016, and a California Benefit Corporation since 2021, Colibri Digital Marketing is San Francisco’s first and only bilingual, full-service B Corp-certified digital marketing agency. In addition, we are woman-owned and LGBTBE-certified through the NGLCC.

Colibri Digital Marketing collaborates with a carefully chosen circle of like-minded clients to create practical, actionable digital marketing plans and uses analytics to understand what’s creating success.

We seek to set values and ethics-based industry standards that motivate clients and colleagues to use their power as business owners, brands, and influencers to create a socially and environmentally sustainable present and future. Our goal is to educate, empower, and inspire every individual and business we touch.
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