Be worth connecting with. That little piece of advice has stayed with me ever since a guru of mine uttered it in mediation class one day. And it’s become a bit of a mantra of mine regarding social media marketing. It’s great to have your business on social media— there are so many advantages. But are you posting in such a way that makes your business worth connecting with?

Make Social Media Marketing Social

We often forget about the “social” part of “social media marketing”, which is unfortunate because “media marketing” is downright boring. I’ve seen so many brilliant companies flounder on social media because they put all of their focus into promoting their brand and none of their focus on being social.

Yes, I know that your business is on social media for brand promotion and to sell your products and services, but you’re not going to reach your goals if you don’t embrace the social aspect and make your posts fun. That’s what makes this type of marketing work.

The good news is that you can have it both ways; fun and engaging posts are really the ones that are most likely to convert people into paying customers. So, start putting the social back into your social media marketing. Below are three of my favorite types of posts that are both fun and engaging AND achieve great marketing results.

Social media marketing


Do you know what people like? Eating. There’s a reason why The Joy of Cooking is so widely popular. Any business can take advantage of this type of post, even if your products and services aren’t relevant to recipes. Simply use it as a way to showcase the favorite recipes of your staff. Make a blog post or an ebook, post the link with an image, and voila! You’ve created a fun, engaging, and— dare I say —, delicious post that showcases your brand, potentially captures leads, and has people clicking through to your website.

Inspirational Quotes

There is so much negativity on social media, whether it be bad news or people arguing with one another in comments sections. But have no fear, it’s your company to the rescue! Brighten people’s news feeds with inspiring quotes and is remembered as a brand that added something positive to their day. To get the full mileage out of this, include your logo and/or website on the image and pair the image with a link to a relevant blog post on your website.


If you have time (and the ability) to host quizzes on your website, it will be well worth your while. Quizzes are highly shareable, clickable, and engaging posts, especially if they’re fun and reveal something interesting about people. For example, “What type of social media manager are you?”

It’s best to use a quiz app, but you can always go the simple route and have people choose “a,b, or c” and then have them tally up their answers to see which category they fall into. Ask people to share their results in the comments. Of course, don’t forget to include your logo and branding on any images and even within the quiz itself. Play around with it and see if you can build the quiz around your products and services.

Ready to get social yet? The possibilities are endless. Just remember to have fun and to be a brand worth connecting with.

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